How much do you give me

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   How many points do you give me

   A shibo asked his daughter, "how many points did you give dad?"? "

   She replied, "eighty cents. "

   Shibo was very happy.汇盛国际 He always thought he could only score 65 points at most, so he did not dare to ask. He couldn't help asking and was overjoyed to know the answer..

   The woman asked the man, "As a wife, how many points do you give?"? "

   The man said, "here are 98 points. "

   The man asked the woman, "As a boyfriend, how many points do you give me?"? "

   The woman said, "Ninety-nine percent. "

   We will not be very generous with our scores, giving each other full marks..

   It's not that I am not satisfied with him, it's just that people are not perfect. I gave him full marks, but instead he didn't believe me and thought I was only coaxing him.. But I still have expectations, please continue to work hard.

   However, I have never asked a person how many points you give me.? I'm afraid I failed, and I'm afraid I won't get full marks. I'm still bitter and forced him to give me the remaining two points and turn them into fake ones..

   If he gives me full marks, I won't believe it. It's really self-defeating.!

   Love and affection are too complicated, and scores are not enough to show success or failure..





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