Autumn wind piercing _2

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   Autumn leaves hurt my heart and broke my bones, all of which went away like the wind. I couldn't see or see. The injury was a kind of pain, like a greeting that I didn't care about. No feeling, no warmth, illness was also a kind of pain. I felt it, but I didn't know. My heart fell in love with nature and dispersed. I couldn't contact those who should go, but like smoke, they were all taken away by the wind. Some unspeakable sadness was hidden in the heart of everyone, and only words could replace such helplessness. The passing away is a memory of inside. It is only a consolation to get Desire. Those you cherish will last for a long time. Those you don't cherish will leave. People come and go. Everyone is just a passer-by. Say hello to those you are familiar with. Those you are not familiar with are just like strangers. If you look at them, the clouds will disappear..

   The most important things in life are experience and waiting. Those who have experienced it will wait for another experience. Day after day, the experience waits for the next experience. Like the cycle, it does not end. Like the trees and birds raining in nature, it is only short-term and not long-term. It passes in a short time. The saddest thing is the thought in my heart. I feel happy for one second and cry for the next. Because time takes away all of it. Time makes us strange here. Even if I want to leave it, it is only in my heart, because I am aging constantly and leaving little trace. That's it.

   Those who are together will cherish it well. those who are not will look at each other. even if they are together, they will become strangers to each other over time. this is simply called the most familiar stranger. considering their age and the development of this society, they still have some fears in their hearts. life is always helpless. they have no courage to leave when they want to leave. when they don't want to leave, they all walk away without any grudges. life is all about how to spend every day. And every day I think about how to live. Rich people live a comfortable and carefree life. Such people will cherish life and fear death. But those who do not have money will think about ending 汇盛国际 their lives earlier because they are very tired and painful to live and have nothing to support their brave life..

   The saddest thing in a person's life is that he does not live bravely, while those who survive are gasping for breath and waiting for the coming of the savior. However, such a Desire is too naive and can live bravely only if he rescues himself. Many people are guessing, many are studying psychology, many are debating philosophy, many are leaving because of depression, because it is not because he wants to leave, but because it is a cause-and-effect relationship. Most of the time, he will arrange how to go tomorrow, but the accident is that he will leave tonight..

   Too many things can be learned by oneself. Age is not the main reason. The main reason is how much wind and rain you have experienced in inside during this period. Some people live to their fifties and are as naive as children because they have not experienced too much wind and rain. Some people have the same mentality as those in their seventies and eighties. Such people are exposed to wind and rain every minute and every second. Such growth is very fast. Such psychology is also very strange. They have not tried youth but are close to old age. Is this life not helpless.

   There is no need for fairness and truth in this world. It is just to live by one's own consciousness. Good is also good, bad is also bad. Too much understanding is also like this, and it is not a change. Don't blame anything in this life, because it is all cause and effect. Only through experience, pain, injury, Daikeke, loss and departure, this life is also like this, a simple cycle is like this life..





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