Valentine's day disgusting love letter fan Wen

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   Express love letter Fan Wenyi:

   I Loved You, and is in love with you, is so deep and unforgettable. I took a picture of you with a camera. I used my memory to store your figure. I love you just like you love me. You in my heart are just like me in your heart. The way I love you is just like the way you love me.. I seem to climb Mount Tai and look down at the beauty of the world. Everything is so gorgeous and charming. My uneasy heart can only be touched by you. Even your far-away figure can give me a ray of tenderness. My uneasy heart can only be healed by you. Only your smile and your eyes can make me deeply attached.. My heart is sometimes very big and can be used for punting, but for you and me, it is very small and very small, because there is only me and you.!

   I love you not only because of Away from Her, but also because of the way I look when I am with you. I love you not only because of what you do for me, but also because of what I can do for you. I love you because you can call out the most real part of me, and the most beautiful place in my heart is illuminated by your light.. I am willing to spend my whole life slowly tasting the love and hate between us. I want to live with you in a big house near the sea, inside, and then together every day, A.View.Of.Love.|Un balcon sur la mer.! Time is so short when you and I are together. I want to stop at that moment and let the hands we hold never separate..

   Lianxuan, you are still so kind and beautiful, but you cannot be close, just like the stars in the sky.. Time cannot wash away the wine of true feelings, distance cannot pull away the hand of missing, and I really want to ac COMpany you to bask in the sun, so that I can reflect on what kind of story there will be in the sun. I really want to accompany you to see the sea in my dream. I would rather I would like to meet you, face the sea breeze and sing a sad song for a lifetime.. Stretched out his hand and stopped the yellow withered leaves from Ran Ran, which had been blown down by the autumn wind and felt ashamed of itself. A trace of bitterness entered my heart. If I had only half a day's life, I would still come to you, put my hand in your palm and gently say to you, in fact, I don't want to leave.. I don't know how to express the strongest and deepest impression you have left in my heart. People who are always gentle are easy to be lonely. How I wish to be close to you, feel the attractive breath you give off, how I wish to hold your hand and experience the feeling of happiness.!

   I am always thinking of you, always loving you, always mentioning you. I can't live without you. I was drunk before, but I finally woke up. You are so beautiful, beautiful like a lyric poem, with the flowers of yesterday's flower still lingering in your skirt. There is still a familiar cloud floating around and I am always thinking of you. Although we can't share every minute and second, you say life is gorgeous, I have no objection. You say life is melancholy, I don't say words, but silently, I bear this endless number, Spring,Summer. As long as you are willing, when you are lost and need a shoulder most, tell me that I will appear immediately.. In the evening, facing the solitary lamp, I fell into unspeakable thoughts.. When it was really difficult to resolve, I lingered on the beach and grass where we were walking, calling you to the stars and the moon.! I once told myself not to get emotional again, but just hearing your voice, I fell deeply in love with you, and I was finished.. Even if the whole world abandons me, I will still love you as always. I want to see your eyes and kiss your hair. I want to see your smiling face and listen to your answer. I hope the last thing I see before going to bed is you. I hope to get up with you..

   Open the window of your heart, let my ups and downs, lingering thoughts in my dreams, and thoughts in my life. Since I met you, my calm Heart Lake has never been calm again. I don't know how long it will be, but Lianxuan, our fate can last forever.. Earth 2050: The Future of Energy is still changing, the world is still changeable, and I love you forever.. Kiss you, our two hearts full of tender feelings and intoxication will always be together. I think you have formed a habit and love you cannot be changed. I miss your gentleness, your good, your naughty and your smile.. I can't miss your love for a second. I'm tired. I don't want to leave my heart at home any more. I'm serious. Are you willing to take this tired heart and spend the rest of my life with me? Will you spend countless days and nights in the future

   Express love letter Fan Wen 2:

   My fingers are beginning to get cold, which has almost become a necessary experience for me every year. It is a kind of temperature that can warm everything but the outside world..

   I really don't want to say anything, but I always think such a quiet morning belongs to pen and ink..

   Remember someone said: fish have no tears? No, it does. Then why hasn't it ever caught a glimpse of it crying? Because it always stays in the water. (责任编辑:admin)




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