The Story of chronophilia

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   We should all admire those couples who have helped each other to their old age and are loving each other for a long time.. Today, I'm still telling the story of chronophilia. In the 1970s, a young woman Striker, who was very popular in inside of the People's Commune, was introduced to have fallen in love with a poor young man from a family seven or eight years younger than her. The so-called love was the love that 汇盛国际 began under the specific circumstances at that time. The reason was that the woman stepped on the poor girl in inside of the Commune and became a celebrity.. There is a future, party members, etc., the man will not be able to work, the family circumstances are difficult, the two 70-year-old man can't work, the old couple is the son in his old age, the man has just graduated from high school, the only labor force in the family, if he can marry a celebrity who is popular in the commune of inside, at least the man will be able to Borrowed Light in the future, really. The woman looks like a tomboy to outsiders. She looks like a normal person.. But the man's looks are quite different, handsome, handsome, and a little cultural. Today, he is handsome, the kind of girl who is crazy after seeing him..

   The older woman and the younger man met for a month and got married. The woman bought the man the four most popular bicycles of the time: SHANGHAI FOREVER CO,.LTD brand, Shanghai famous red flag watch, Shanghai famous sewing machine and then famous red light radio made in Shanghai.. Married life was very fashionable at that time. Daughter-in-law often went to commune meetings, and the family expenses were almost brought by the daughter-in-law. After half a year of marriage, the daughter-in-law arranged her husband to work in the commune's armed forces department. Her husband had a little culture and soon got used to it in the commune's inside. In the 1980s, Little Husband became the director of the township finance office, and later became the head of the township. It can be said that he rose rapidly.. In those days, Little Husband was no longer a human being. Cows walked differently from other people. When talking, the head was raised and the other people had to look for him with their heads down. When Little Husband became an official, he was very successful. He rode more than 10,000 motorcycles. He often played hot with young female cadres in the village. Gossip broke out. The eldest daughter-in-law was old and did not have charm. The couple could not go back to their husband and wife several times a year. Lace News in Little Husband could not be accepted by the common people. In the 1990s, Cabaret Ballroom became Little Husband's recreation area, often returning home after midnight..

   Finally, one day, the county commission for discipline inspection cadres found Little Husband to talk and took his prostitute affair to the party members' meeting. They remembered it, kept the party on probation, and demoted him. Finally, the eldest daughter-in-law asked someone to make love. Only then did the county commission for discipline inspection leave Little Husband in the village to sweep the floor of the office.. Without the smartness of the official era, there was no woman to give him shamelessly flatter. Little Husband often drank hard after work. One night he rode on the ten thousand yuan motorcycle and had an accident. Because he drank too much, he crashed into the back of a truck parked on the side of the road and died on the spot. The next day he was discovered by a farmer who got up early to work.. Chronophilia's marriage is over. This is the end. Why? Let's think about it.

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