Entrusting feelings's Mountains and Rivers

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   This summer, too noisy and warm, the air is filled with too much restlessness, coupled with some ups and downs in the bottom of my heart small mood, occasionally knowing how much tired. Tired of some people, some things, tired of some distractions and entanglements.. Perhaps it is because the years have passed and the mood is getting older. I prefer the atmosphere of silence and silence. One person, one tea, one book, leaning on the ferry of time, watching the seasons quietly..

   Time passes, Left Luggage. During the rush journey of decades, happiness, sadness, melancholy, confusion and perplexity . all the way to Come l'ombra. Time will always take away the past easily. Dry, the story of yesterday, let us shed the youth of our youth and move towards the massiness and maturity of life. We have slowly learned to face the ups and downs of life with a kind of pain but not words. "Smilence"'s attitude is to drink the wine of life mixed with bitterness and fragrance..

   Many things, Few Options, so learned to face; Many words cannot be said, so I learned to bear them alone.. Facing the turbulent world, even though I know that all the stories will come to an end and all the past will vanish into thin clouds, I will not put down my paddle to pursue my dream in this thin and cool world..

   Life is an experience and a journey to bear.. In the world of mortals, we should not only learn to pursue hard, but also learn to put down at the right time.. Let go of some of my heart's obsession and distractions, so that more sunshine and rain can spill into my heart, so that I can more experience the light happiness beside the time Shui Ze..

   When walking in the world, one should cultivate a simple and elegant simple quiet's heart, slow down the pace of walking in due course, give the heart a holiday, inject some beauty into life, let the exhausted soul rest, and let the steps under one's feet be more elegant and leisurely..

   "here birds are alive with mountain-light, and the mind of man touches peace in a pool. ""my path has wound, through a sheltered hollow, of boughs and flowers, to a Buddhist retreat. "I have always felt that everything in nature has a faint Zen meaning and can always inspire and wash people's hearts.. In my spare time, I like to be close to nature, and I am always looking forward to a walk-on trip, a close embrace with the mountains and rivers, grazing my heart on the green fields and on top of the white clouds to go to a kind invitation from nature..

   Bai Luomei said: "Every encounter in the world is a reunion after a long separation.". "Perhaps, in the end, there are always some long-cherished wishes that need us to repay. There are always some agreements waiting for us to keep the appointment. There are always some encounters, just like old friends meet again, fall in love at first sight, love for life.

   The small town in my hometown lives in the plain. Although I have seen the shadow of the mountain on TV many times in inside, it is the first time that I have looked at Qingshan so closely.. Standing at the foot of the mountain, looking at the eyeful of green, I know that many things, if not really immersive, do not try in person, is no matter how to also can't feel what kind of shock it will bring to your heart and soul tremor.

   Looking up from afar, the top of the mountain is shrouded in a hazy mist, like an old man who is calm, tranquil and uncontested in the world, standing quietly between heaven and earth, counting the vicissitudes of the world.. On the mountainside, green trees, cornfields and sometimes colorful wild flowers covered the mountain with a colorful coat.. The stream at the foot of the mountain is crystal clear. Stones of different shapes can be seen clearly. Bent over and picking up one on the palm of your hand, there is a slight coolness in the light. It is like the memories of the past that are drifting away and those old days that gradually faded away the brilliance.. Every tree and plant is sentient. The life of this seemingly ordinary stone also carries too much time and changes of years..

   When I saw the rolling mountains slowly spread out in my eyes like a continuous barrier, a streamlike stream flowing forward like a ribbon, and pieces of green corn fields jumping on the earth like Que poems, at that moment, I felt as if I had stopped breathing, and my heart melted and sank little by little, slowly rubbing into the endless green..

   What kind of green is that?! Full-bodied, broad-minded and boundless, it looks like an endless picture scroll.. Excitement, joy, it seems, all the words are so pale and weak for this moment that they cannot express the excitement of the bottom of my heart at this moment.. At that moment, I just want to quietly, with open arms, admire the white clouds, listen to the mountain wind around my shoulder, smell the fragrance of flowers and warm, listen to the flowing streams, integrate myself with the blue sky, the earth and the green, and embrace all the scenery here and now in my arms, embody it in my heart's camera, and freeze it into an eternal memory that will never fade away.. (责任编辑:admin)




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