The sentence of loving the motherland(2)

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   As Chinese, we are all proud of the splendid civilization history of 6,000 years.. But do you know what we should do? Grateful to the motherland is a mixture of respect and love, and it is also a responsibility.! We need to shoulder this burden and spread Chinese culture to the world..

   7. If we want to be deeply attached to our motherland, we must establish a lofty aspiration, set up and cultivate correct ideals and beliefs, be full of hope for our future, and be determined to strive for our future and build our motherland into a country of material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization.. 金洋娱乐平台 Therefore, we should cherish and grasp every second of our childhood, exercise our bodies to cultivate noble morality, master rich knowledge, and closely link our studies, achievements in the great cause of socialism with China and the prosperity of our motherland, so as to make preparations for the construction and rejuvenation of our motherland.

   Our motherland has a long history, ancient civilization and a long history of culture.. In the long river of the glorious history of the motherland for thousands of years, the songs of righteousness composed by many national volunteers with blood and life, such as the Yellow River crossing the Jiuqu River and the Yangtze River flowing down the Three Gorges, have inspired us to fight for the dignity of the motherland..

   9. I love my motherland because she has a glorious and immortal history of 5,000 years. I love my motherland because she is rich and profound and contains endless treasure. I love my motherland, because she is civilized and progressive, and has given birth to ten thousand Chinese children in Qian Qian on this endless loess..

   10. For the growth of the motherland, too many people have given up their lives, and too many have devoted their lives and youth to this land.. Today, our great motherland mother has stood up and returned to the world. Let all those who have called us "Sick man of Asia" see that China has risen. As Chinese, we are no longer timid or cowardly.. Our motherland has made great strides, fluttered its wings and soared into the sky again, sending out our most beautiful language to the world and proudly telling them that the Chinese people have stood up from now on.! (责任编辑:admin)




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