The sentence of loving the motherland

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   1. The motherland is the mother that nurtures us and the cradle of all life. We should be proud of being a Chinese.. Therefore, we should often say to ourselves, "I am Chinese, and I am proud of it."! "I firmly believe that only when my heart is in the motherland can I grow up healthily.!

   2. A 19-year-old female student once wrote a poem like this: "No matter how poor and needy her mother is, her children's love for her is unequivocal. I only shout" long live the motherland "and the stronger love is in the depth of her feelings.". "We are unwilling to lag behind. We want to be a great force for the development of the Chinese nation..

   3, what can be more glorious and proud than the struggle and dedication of the motherland?? We should learn from the patriotism of the youth during the may 4th movement, think about our motherland all the time, study hard in silence and catch up. we should be worthy of our ancestors and not of newcomers. we will be worthy of the times and the great Chinese nation in the world, in science and technology.. Boys and girls, let's be patriotic, show our ambition and be the pioneers of the times.!

   Looking up at the sky, the stars of history are still shining.! We, the ancient oriental giant, have stood up and stood tall in this land.. Our motherland is ancient and great, civilized and brilliant.. Cai Lun wrote his wisdom and courage on the paper. The compass bears the mark of her continuous development in the right direction. The sound of gunpowder recorded his joy of continuous success. Movable Type Printing, who has been recording her glorious historical records all his life, refreshed her great achievements again and again..

   Today, 5,000 years later, our motherland is booming. Five thousand years later, with the hard work and selfless dedication of our ancestors, our life is flourishing. Today, five thousand years later, we are thriving under the care of all those who love us. However, five thousand years later, we are curled up in the hotbed woven by our forefathers. Many people are totally unaware of their responsibilities towards their motherland.. Today, it is time to awaken everyone's increasingly numb and indifferent heart to protect the light of "China dream"! (责任编辑:admin)




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