The other shore, two thoughts

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   Standing on The Time Tunel, which is only a stone's throw away, I looked at the distant years like the end of the world.. It seems that I am still looking at the scattered past, and the memories are resting quietly on the other side of the bank. I am listening sadly on this side of the bank..

   On the other side, there seems to be always a voice calling to me, some strange, and some long-lost kindness. I really want to get close to the other shore and swim to its side along the voice of the call, but I was stopped by the voice of my heart. I stood where I was willfully while looking at the gradually blurred other shore and the call that gradually left me..

   I stopped by my bank to sort out some The Memory of The 3d, and then some good and sad things coexisted in my mind.. The beauty there is peaceful, peaceful as death.. The sadness there is safe and sound, wiping away the falling tears..

   If my shore is not a permanent desert, can I leave 金洋注册 Fireworks on the other shore?.

   If my shore is not filled with sandstorms, can I not mottle the other shore?.

   If my shore is not frequently assumed, can I refuse many ifs on the other shore?.

   On the other shore, from the vaguely blooming flowers to the falling of the night, I am sad and scattered by my own shore..

   On the other side, from melancholy shade to sunshine blooming, I feel gorgeous for it on my own bank..

   On the other shore, from the clear fireworks to the faint candlelight, I kept paying close attention on my own shore..

   On the other shore, from sunrise to sunset, I only wish silently by my own shore..

   The other shore, thinking of two thoughts, burned the initial prayer in their respective world inside.. Once upon a time, my thoughts were on the other side of the river, but now my thoughts are on the other side of the river..

   I still silently count my sorrow on my shore, occasionally watching the other shore and my past.. Some meet, some leave . (责任编辑:admin)




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