Refined 65 Sentences Exceeding qq Personalized signature(3)

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   51, you laugh at my friends rarely alone, I pity your friends many without sincerity.

   52. Tomorrow's road must be tenacious even if it is difficult. Only the bully can create brilliance..

   53, waiting is not a matter of time, is worth it or not.

   54, people who understand me don't need to explain, people who don't understand me don't need to explain.

   55, when young tore heart crack lung, now also have forgotten. Why in days of old, a temporary This Is Me.

   If loneliness can run aground, happiness will be permanent..

   57, while young to love hard, love the world also want to love yourself.

   58, others bully you, for you is a kind of practice. However, it is also a kind of spiritual practice to take someone else's bad behavior back with a slap.

   59. I don't care if what you think is everlasting or not..

   60, the world laugh at me too crazy, I laugh at the world see not to wear.

   61, beauty is only a metaphor, handsome boy is only a hollow reputation.

   62, don't take your past, to comment on my future.

   63, don't 金洋娱乐注册 expect me to understand, don't expect me to understand.

   64, some things lost, you no longer need to save.

   65, a person's past, a person's present, a person's romance is irreplaceable





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