Refined 65 Sentences Exceeding qq Personalized signature(2)

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   25, belong to me, who also don't want to take away!

   26. Treasure what you have and don't look back if you give up..

   27, I have my style, you can't imitate the style.

   28, feelings are not natural disasters, happiness is its own master..

   29. On my stage, you are no longer the main character.

   30. I am not glass or crystal and cannot be easily seen through.

   31, see me not pleasing to the eye, you can choose to commit suicide, also can choose blind!

   I am so strong that nothing can destroy my inner peace.!

   33, my friend, I only care about quality, not quantity, but heart.!

   34. It is better to pray for yourself to be stronger than to pray for a plain life..

   35, rather than humble love, proud loneliness.

   36, is my run not to drop, not mine I don't want!

   37, please put away your posture, don't think you know me very well..

   You may not look at me, but you cannot belittle me..

   39, men and I hold hands, in this life you can only love me.

   40. No one needs to give away the sunshine, Our Own Is the Sun.

   41. I cannot tolerate a grain of sand in my eyes, nor can I tolerate you..

   42, friends, lovers, if you don't really to me, why should I really treat you

   43, oneself know oneself is not better, why let others know oneself.

   44, how much you despise, I will be more perfunctory.

   45, small three end, in addition to betrayal is extramarital love.

   46. I did not have time to participate in your past, but you will have me in your future..

  Please move out of my heart when I come back..

   48. You only need to take one step. I'll take the rest.

   49, I don't care about your first love, I only care about your final love..

   50, you have the power to pretend to force with me, I have the power to kill you. (责任编辑:admin)




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