Refined 65 Sentences Exceeding qq Personalized signature

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   Refined 65 Sentences Exceeding qq Personalized signature

   1. You tell me about Grass Mud Horse every day, and I also tell you about the grass mud pig.!

   2. I am not weird. I am a limited edition.

   Please make it clear that I am not nobody's, let alone you!

   If I can shake hands with freedom tightly, I would rather lose everything..

   You will always be the only one for me. I don't want anyone else..

   6, confident woman is not arrogant, confidence is believe, and only believe will be happy..

   7. Those who do not have the courage to start are actually over..

   8. In the past, since you can't go back, don't go back and rewrite our idol drama..

   9, like to have it, don't be afraid of the results.

   10. Even if my love is cheap, you don't deserve it anymore..

   I would rather create my own sadness than copy others' happiness..

   12, rather go without than have something shoddy, never because of loneliness and love.

   13, the equal value of life, there is no distinction between high and low.

   14, as long as we have a self-confidence, everything has pears.

   15. I have no time to participate in your past. I will accompany you to the end in your future..

   16. Women can live wonderfully without men..

   17, did not forget not to forget, only can.

   18, if he loves you, don't please. If he doesn't love, he doesn't have to..

   19, life is not satisfactory, living earth-shattering.

   20, see pack to force the elder brother always silently low head, not elder brother quality is good, but elder brother looking for bricks.

   21, bullshit life, tough bullshit

   22, don't take my heart as a bargaining chip

   23, I will still keep that feeling, just to give my youth a regretless account when the years are over..

   24, you see me as light as a feather, don't expect yourself to be the mount tai in my heart.. (责任编辑:admin)




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