Sad mood sad qq Personalized signature simple how, still be(3)

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   53, can be proud to give up is not humble to continue

   54, has passed, don't think of torture yourself

   55, I really want to have a love that is harmless.

   56. I look forward to you and forget you as soon as possible.

   Whether you love me or not, I don't love you anymore.

   58, not don't love, just dead tired

   59, a little miss you, once desolate years

   60, I do not know when your space has no my dynamic

   61, simple and how, or by your ruthless injury

   62, can't do innocent smile to you

   63. The moment I turned around, my heart was hollowed out.

   64, I didn't think I can only use indifference to communicate with you

   65, brokenhearted, maybe I shouldn't let go

   66, perhaps sad memory also has good, as long as you are willing to change the Angle

   67, in fact, there is no need to cry, perhaps the result is doomed to be so

   68. Don't take it as an end, just as you give it a chance to start.

   69, as long as you work hard, there will be miracles.

   70, haven't done everything, have already met with the end





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