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   27. Time has changed the way you and I look, but it has left a shadow when you love me..

   28, fireflies on the other side, if the afterlife, even if beyond redemption also want Run 2 U.

   29. We met in that rainy season and sang of each other's memories.!

   30, later love became a song, into notes, singing.

   31, hook hook, can't agree on your this life, I will book your next life

   Meeting is a kind of fate, holding hands is happiness..

   33, love is a kind of exercise, wandering in freedom and intimacy.

   34. Don't forget the way home without me waiting for you at home.

   35, the feeling of embrace, like snowflakes blooming gentleness.

   36. Your smile is as beautiful as sunshine shining on the warm green slate..

   Every second I meet you is the peak of my life.

   38, let's silly love, silly together, dull to live.

   39. You are the most perfect melody in my mind..

   40, please allow me a little pride, because have you so let me rely on.

   41, can only laugh at humble love alone

   42, no you slowly adapted to the quiet of the night

   43, love is like a game, not everyone can afford to lose.

   44, if you will leave in the future, don't tie my heart.

   45, some people, don't want to think about him, don't want to mention him, but they don't have the courage to forget him

   46, left, the bottom of my heart memory how no less?

   47, said too straightforward is not as good as inattentive

   48, really want to lose memory, someone stay in my heart for too long too long

   Move away from my heart and roll away as far as you can.

  50. Love is something that makes people sad but still someone keeps looking for it.

   51, love to shed tears, cry very tired

   52, even if forget all will think of you (责任编辑:admin)




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