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   1. If love is not wrong, it is falling in love with you..

   2. There is a red line in my heart, which holds back your happiness and mine..

   3. It doesn't matter what happens in give up for love..

   You are my life, I can't live without you..

   5. Tears spilled out of her eyes at the touching moment..

   6, there is a kind of dependence, called irreplaceable ┅ ┅

   7, I stood on the original road, only for looking back on that one smile.

   8. Hold you tight and never let go. Let happiness be with you..

   9. Some people will plant a grassland at the ends of the earth and watch me smile and run..

   10, move as long as a moment, heartbreak is only a moment.

   11, the world, the guardian to your Ocean Deep

   12, you promised me a meter of sunshine, but gave me a lifetime of vicissitudes of life.

   13, sipping mouth smile, smile to recall your memories.

   14, one of your expressions can determine my joys and sorrows.

   15, distance sometimes produces not beauty but distrust of each other..

   16, with your memory, open in the next flower season.

   17, the stars all over the sky, but also than a warm greeting.

   I cry because you love me too much, and I laugh because you care too much about me..

   19, only boldly to give up a relationship, will harvest a memory.

   Smiling at you is my most beautiful showing off.

   21, this lifetime, I 金洋注册 swear, will be very honest with you.

   22, the so-called trust, is to give each other one of the most free constraints.

   This heart beats for you from the moment I met you..

   24, you see through my waves, comforting said no regrets

   25, faded elegance, I am still on the other side to protect you.

   26, happiness is the taste of this summer.





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