The Eternal Love

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   The best thing in the world is love, the saddest thing is separation, the hardest thing is missing, and the most my heart was broken thing is caring. The story begins with the poignant love of human beings and immortals ..

   Shen Feng was born in heaven. Supposedly, he should be a fairy. Because his father is a mortal and his mother is The Bachelor's Daughters of the Jade Emperor, Shen Feng is considered a half-human demigod.. When his mother was recaptured to heaven, she thought about it on the side of laojun mountain. a month later, she gave birth to a son, who was named Shen feng because she was located at the bottom of the mountain and canyon..

   Many years later, when Shen feng's mother's face expired, she wanted to take Shen feng with her when she left, but the jade emperor had a purpose and had to let her leave alone.. Experienced the pain of separation from her husband, but also faced the pain of separation.. The Ching yi sam of mother and child is even concerned. No matter what kind of emotion, it cannot surpass the love of mother and child.. The weather is ruthless, it is impossible to stay, so we have to arrange everything, hide from Shen feng, and leave step by step and turn back..

   When Shen Feng woke up, he did not see his mother and searched all over the place.. Just different from usual, there are a lot of rare wild fruits piled up in the cave.. There are some things that Shen feng does not know, such as his mother is a princess, his father is a mortal, etc. Shen feng has no place to ask and no one dares to tell him. Shen Feng experienced the torment of losing his mother and slowly learned to take care of himself..

   Laojun Mountain is spring-like all the year round, with rare fruits everywhere. There is no worry about food and drink.. Shen Feng has a kind-hearted heart, but he is just the body of demigod. However, he inherited his mother's immortal bone and showed a kind of transcendent domineering in his body. When wolves and tigers saw him, they had to detour. The scope of Shen Feng's activities does not allow violence and bloodshed. No 金洋平台 matter how before, the law of the jungle is not allowed here.. (责任编辑:admin)




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