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   You run, while I can't chase you anymore..

   In fact, you know that no one at this age can be the life of anyone..

   The other end of the net is connected with high-voltage electricity. Please don't fall in love with the net casually in order not to get an electric shock.

   When I was a child, I thought there were only two countries in the world, China and foreign countries..

   Who said crows in the world are generally black, but in fact, each one is better than the other!

   The Beginning of Life. Nature is good. You are all big bad guys

   In general, it is almost Myriads of Lights a few nights before school starts.!

   I said I love making friends, especially 金洋注册 men.

   Ye Fan plays the violin so well now because Ban Jieming taught her well when she was a swallow..

   Love the smell of smoke. It's like falling in love with you

   I'm not crazy, just never normal..

   Sister-in-law's Buttcrack son and brother's half son. Ha ha ha ha ha ~.

   Youth is dead on the test paper.

   Workers work, small bosses work, medium bosses do the market, big bosses do the power..

   Playing the lute to a cow is not a skill, but talking to a cow is a real skill..

   Love is sweet, work goes smoothly%

   People who look good have youth, and people like us have only universities.

   "Teacher, the younger generation has an unwitting invitation, I do not know when to speak inappropriately.". "If you are not kind enough, then you don't have to speak.".

   Every time I scold my deskmate: don't you want to face up. She always said, what do you want to face, still have to wash.

   Don't talk about pulling rice when eating excrement..

   Hey!! Today is your big birthday, old friend.! At this moment, I want to give you thousands of instructions and greetings, which is the most valuable "shabby"! (责任编辑:admin)




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