The past is a poem

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   She said this: I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in this world, no matter when, no matter where, you know, there is always such a person.. When I saw it, I was also looking forward to, is there such a person? Sounds like an intoxicating language.. The vast sea of people may really have it! Many years passed before it was discovered that this was only a dream. The flowers in the dream were blooming and falling. In the real world, it was just a vague projection of nothingness..

   The withering of roses, doomed to be forgotten in the past, let it be blown away with the wind.. In the future, when walking, you forget where you should go, and when you look at familiar people, you forget the face that is fading day by day.. Remember the morning? One day full of hope and vitality, long ago, I was infatuated with walking in the back woods of the school at this time and longed to meet her with the same hobby.. Young dreams are always good, at least many things are imagined.. Also really someone met, still remember the girl supporting Oil-paper umbrella? He met her, and then? There is no later, also just think about it. Watching her come and see her go far is the best ending..

   Some things should not be started, the beginning is a mistake, and some are just the wrong beginning.. Only those lovers who split and combine can know right and wrong, and I probably know too.

   "金洋注册Do you believe in love? "

   "Believe it."

   "What happened afterwards?"

   "Still believe"

   "You are stupid."


   If you are willing to take it, I am willing to Waiting For You.

   Love always makes many people infatuated, unable to give up the plot, unable to let go of the past, who knows?





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