Apologize SMS: I am a farmer, you don't argue with me

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   I want to say sorry to you, but now you are far away from others, and the friendship between us will not change with time, but I still want to face you with this apology, please forgive my ignorance and wish you good luck in another country..

   I didn't mean to do you any harm, but when the harm was already done, I sincerely hope 金洋娱乐 to get your forgiveness, and the friendship between us should not deteriorate. Please forgive me, my friend.!

   I am a fool, but please believe me, I didn't mean it. Can you forgive me Dear!

   I am a farmer, you don't argue with me!

   I sent this text message to you in a calm mood. I hope my mistake didn't bring much harm to you. I hope we still care about friendship in the future. I hope we won't lose our true love for this little thing. I apologize to you and forgive me, buddy.!

   Forget all the unhappiness, we Oh My Friend, right! MeiWen. COM. Cn)

   Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there were two good friends. One day they quarreled. Within two days, they got together again. Well, that's the story, hey hey.





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