My husband's bosom friend, the third party in my marriage(4)

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   I packed myself up and strolled along the street, and my husband came to pick me up in his car.. I saw Diu Diu sitting in the back, the in the mind a burst of anger, he is severe, accompany his wife shopping also don't forget to bring lover. Suddenly my heart ached, and I suddenly thought of the story of Zhang Ailing and Hu Lancheng. Hu Lancheng accompanied Zhang Ailing to go shopping with Fan Xiumei.. Think of my tears again.

   Later I got a passport and they said it would take three months to get down.. Because I am a self-taught undergraduate major and have priority to go abroad, I can get a visa in two months.. Diu Diu came all the way from inside to May Day to take a look at Mr. Wang and left.! I don't know what happened between them? Also don't want to know, the heart is broken, don't want to care about. when network

   For two months, Mr. Wang kept texting me to explain the incident.. I turned a deaf ear to his explanation.. When I was about to leave, my mother-in-law and father-in-law came all the way from their hometown.. In the waiting room at the airport, I saw the white hair and bloodshot eyes of the two old people, and my heart suddenly softened.. In order to keep me, my mother-in-law almost knelt in front of me and was stopped by me.. I held my mother-in-law in my arms and cried a lot. I did not leave after all and stayed..

   Although this matter has been going on for several years, I still have a knot in one's heart. Mr. Wang has never been associated with a girl named Diu Diu again.. Diu Diu is gradually forgotten by time, and I am not an unreasonable and tangled woman.. No matter whether they are in love or goodwill, time has slowly healed the scars in my heart.. I still chose to forgive Mr, give each other a chance, but how also can't forget the memory. (责任编辑:admin)




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