My husband's bosom friend, the third party in my marriage(3)

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   At night, when I got home, my husband went for a shower.. His cell phone rang again. It was the call from the girl named Diu Diu. I secretly hung up her phone. As a result, she sent another text message, "Jade!Why didn't you answer my phone? I really fell in love with you. This time I came to see you by car and boat, just to try to be with you.. I hope you can come to the Hawaiian Hotel to meet me, flour. "After reading the text message, I felt very sour in my heart. I never thought I would secretly hang up his phone and delete his text message.. If they love each other, should I quit. I am very contradictory between letting go and not letting go..

   When my husband came out from the shower, I dropped his cell phone on the ground and silently covered it with a quilt to sleep.. We didn't quarrel. Mr. Wang understood the reason and changed his clothes and rushed out of the door.. I hurriedly got up and secretly followed him. dishevelled looked like capture the persons who are in adultery. I saw them hugging at the gate of the hotel.. I covered my mouth and burst into tears, eager to rush up and slap both of them.. I clenched my fist and my fingernails got stuck in the meat. It didn't hurt at all..

   The night sky was so quiet that I was left alone. I looked down at my appearance and cried loudly in the street in spite of my image and sleepiness. I did not feel humiliated.. I never thought that I would be vulnerable for the sake of men and become like that.. I dishevelled dragged heavy steps, the moonlight hit me coldly, have no feeling of cold, returned home, Mr Smoking on the sofa of the sitting room. After giving up smoking for many years, he actually smoked again for another woman, and once he also gave up smoking for me..

   I ignored him. I went into the room and locked the door. When I was tired from crying, I fell asleep.. I didn't see my husband when I got up in the morning. My favorite breakfast was placed on the dining table in the living 金洋娱乐平台 room. I vomited in my heart and threw it all away.. (责任编辑:admin)




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