My husband's bosom friend, the third party in my marriage(2)

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   Although Mr. Wang does not write articles, he is also be wealthy in knowledge and reads more books than I do.. But I just like to write some love words and novels. Sometimes when two people are together, they feel that life is tasteless instead of joking or joking, just as a dish always needs various ingredients to feel that there is nothing missing.? The more inclusive a couple is, the stronger their feelings become..

   Until one day, a girl named Diu Diu entered Mr. Wang's world and our marriage.. Because of that incident, we almost broke up, and I even got my passport ready, almost ready to go abroad and never come back again..

   I have to admit that Diu Diu has great talent. Although I hate her people, I still like her words.. Mr. Wang took a little interest in literature that year and suddenly went to Tianya's forum to play with words and expressions.. At that time, Diu Diu was rated as "one of the top ten The Strange Woman" in Tianya Club and became popular all over Tianya Club.. Mr. Wang took an interest in her. the two often talked about poetics, and they talked endlessly, even until early morning.. They soon developed into bosom friends, and Diu Diu also knew that Mr. Wang was married.. I didn't mind at that time either, because Diu Diu was not beautiful and I had confidence in myself..

   They have nothing to say, and I often read their chat records.. I don't think there is anything, after all, what problems can arise from the emotion on the internet.

   May Day is our wedding anniversary. The company said it would take a five-day long vacation.. But I was very happy. On May 1, Mr. Wang bought a pair of dragon and phoenix gold bracelets and white jade earrings for me.. Accompany me to the supermarket, shopping, we played very happily in Wenzhou amusement park center.. I thought it would be a wonderful memory in my life..

   Suddenly, Mr. Wang's cell phone rang and he took out his cell phone.. I glanced at it deliberately. I saw the two words "Diu Diu" on the screen of the mobile phone. When I saw the mobile phone, my face suddenly changed.. My eyes were fixed on his face and my heart was gnawing at him like ants. It turned out that I was also a jealous woman.. Mr. Wang hung up the phone and gave me a smile, absent-minded accompany me, my heart suddenly faint pain, inexplicable fear of losing him.. (责任编辑:admin)




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