My husband's bosom friend, the third party in my marriage

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   Confidant? Confidant? Sometimes I ask myself countless times what a bosom friend is.? Women are the beauty in men's minds, men are the blue faces in women's minds, and sometimes they often sigh with emotion that they wish they had a male intimate.!

   I asked my husband, "Do you have a bosom friend? "Mr. Wang said to me:" the bosom friend's affection is a kind of warmth and a kind of companionship that cannot be replaced. A bosom friend interprets the heart of the other party and gives it without abandoning it. Pay is affection, harvest is cherish. The bosom friend's heart is transparent and has no secret or distance. A bosom friend's love is eternal, not love, better than love.. Friends hurt your tears, your heart and your sincerity in life.. "I narrowed his eyes Luo Luo Luo grinned. This pile of truth he did learn from the book. As to whether he had a bosom friend, he did not answer my question directly.. I have never asked him about his past for so many years, and I am as clean as a blank sheet of paper in front of him, without any secrets..

   Every time I feel depressed, my husband will always say, "You must abandon those mental bacteria that" I can't ","I can't "and" I can't "and go to a wider life, inside! "I was shocked and asked him:" where did you steal this? "he always likes the suspense, a mysterious hee hee said I was a bookworm, knew that read written words, have no interest at all. When I get serious, I often ignore his life or death..

   Every time I move, my husband has the biggest headache, because my books are far more than our luggage.. Everywhere we go, we accumulate several baskets of books.. My husband sometimes helps me to sort out some of them and send them back to my hometown. There is a house in my family that is full of books over the years..

   I admit that I do know too little about literary creation. From Qiong Yao to San Mao, from San Mao to Zhang Ailing, I have never fallen in love with another writer. My heart was filled with gratitude for teacher Meng ye's advice.. A week ago, I mailed a box of "Tieguanyin" and a bottle of good honey to Mr. Ye.. Mr. Ye and his mother also felt my heart and took good care of me.. Although it is not a valuable thing, it is also my filial piety! (责任编辑:admin)




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