Thoughts on the Mid-Autumn Festival(2)

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   Think of grand view garden inside, dai jade's first burial of flowers, is to bear the ground peach trampled by people, and afraid of drift with the tide was dirty water, so he will be scattered peach blossom, incidentally, will be buried with the compassion for yourself. Now, I want to learn from Dai-yu. In this The Night Of Fullmoon, I took a broom to bury the osmanthus flowers everywhere. The mud settled down and disappeared here. I'll Wait for the Next One reincarnated but still could not get rid of the sadness in my heart..

   The full moon silently shed its faint light on the earth.. The cool breeze has no desire and no trace. few and far between is full of fragrance.. The bottom of my heart inside that sobbing sounded, and that Honghong Qingliu gently flowing. The annual rings of the years turn gently, and I do not know when I will be able to smooth this sad one..

   The cold and quiet night will guide me here.. A round of brightness in the sky is a memory I have no time to tell.. The mottled cinnamon shadows in the diffuse wind are the clear sorrow I have just revealed.. The occasional chirping of insects in the grass is my future direction.. On this sad day in inside, I will pack up the sadness of the sky. When the sky is full of sunrise, I will regain my strength, travel light and look for my own glory..





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