Thoughts on the Mid-Autumn Festival

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   Looking at the autumn moon, there is no return to the hall.. Seeing the full moon, my heart gradually cooled.. Drinking wine alone makes me wet my clothes.. Far away I stand, tears streaming down my face.. Surprised magpie flying around, disturbed the mood. Fireflies fly randomly entered the curtain, leaving nothing to worry about..

   The festival is coming, watching the moon from afar, and the festivities of entering the eyes have long been covered with desolation.. Look, the red lanterns weeping all night outside the door, listen, the firecrackers ringing through the sky outside the window.. Even the incessant chirping of insects in the courtyard inside seemed to be mocking me deeply for being alone.. On this day of family reunion, inside is the only one who raises his glass to relieve his sorrow in the dark clouds covered moonlight. However, he does not know that this bitter wine has entered his heart, and his sorrow is even worse..

   In this The Night Of Fullmoon, I don't know whether Chang 'e in the Moon Palace has already flown into the world, and he and Hou Yi have been drinking wine and looking up at the moon on this unique day in inside, telling each other their hearts.. I don't know if the heavenly palace queen mother has laid down another peach banquet to gather with all the fairy families.. I don't know if they have a family reunion in their so-called hometown and enjoy 金洋娱乐注册 the moon and laugh.? But what about me? In this vast world, there is not a place that belongs to its own hometown..

   Wandering, wandering, telling wandering, singing wandering, where I am, is my own home.. This is my only consolation to myself today..

   The moonlight turned pale at first. I don't know whose tears washed the bright moonlight, making it lose its original color.. The autumn wind blows, the sweet osmanthus sprinkled on the ground, and I don't know whose sigh, frivolous this moment of fleeting time. Breaking the original comfort, gloomy mood brought a lock. (责任编辑:admin)




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