Can't wait for love(6)

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   You said, "Wait for me."! "

   You ask, "Can we be selfish once?"? "

   I said, "No.. "

   In fact, you also know and understand that happiness based on hurting others is not real happiness..

   You asked, "why did you meet me when you were not lucky?"? Since it is predestined friends, why not stay together? "

   I was speechless.. Perhaps, this is the fate of people!

   Not all flowers will bear fruit. Not all love can depend on each other. Not all the waiting can be completed.. The limit of the sky, the corner of the sea and your love are all the things I can't wait for, because that's the love I can't wait for..

   In the end, we can only cherish each other deeply and say goodbye..

   You said, we will get together again in the next life.. You said, this life, you can't make me changan, this life is safe; In the next life, you must hold my hand and never leave..I nodded tearfully..

   Then, in this life, we should not drink the Meng Potang when we pass through Helpless bridge. In this way, after reincarnation, we can still keep the memory of this life and recognize each other at the first sight when we meet again. In that way, we can hold the hand we want to hold, and the loneliness and loneliness in the wind and rain can go together.! Then, in the next life, neither you nor I will go to the wrong tunnel again. Then, in the next life, we should not become friends with others until we meet each other..

   Farewell ferry, I saw your tears, gently slide down.

   Time will not stand still for anyone, nor will it stop for anyone's sorrow.. In an instant, have left one autumn after another. The end of the world, are you all right?

   The years of life are neither long nor short..

   If one day, when the years get old and the rain falls over the neon lights of a city, I will still write down our original beauty in inside. If you have forgotten, there is no need to recall, because this is only Li Sao I wrote to myself, and even has nothing to do with romance.. There is only a mood that reminds me of a person who lived in my heart silently in Moods of Love's memory. Until now, I still keep the warmth when he left.. (责任编辑:admin)




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