Can't wait for love(4)

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   Meeting is too beautiful, knowing each other too deeply, and wanting to love too much, but why is all this at the wrong time?? Why, before you met me, you had your beauty so charming and picturesque? If, I am the person engraved on your third stone, you are moving too fast and forget to look back.? Or am I walking too slowly to keep up with your steps??

   The merry-go-round is the most Un jeu brutal, chasing each other, but it has an eternal distance.. And this distance is the ruin that we can never measure..

   People say that meeting the right person at the right time is a lifetime of happiness. Meeting the right person at the wrong time is a kind of helplessness. Exhalation. I think, you are my helpless, is my Exhalation. Even if you say I am your All Men Are Mortal; Even if, you regard me as the eternal life of inside; Even if you regard me as the only one in your soul; Even if, I also cherish the acquaintance with you so much; Even if, you also warm my life. But, your life is I can never walk into, your fleeting time is also I shouldn't get their hands on.

   In this life, even if I am draw a circle on the ground to serve as a prison for you, I have grieved for my love. Even if I pour out all the prosperity of the world for you, how much affection and delusion, the world of mortals stranded; Even if the missing is turned into a soft, graceful and restrained idle words sorrow fu; Even if you are deeply rooted in your heart, you will never forget it without thinking about it. Even if tears flow into your heart, writing and flowers fall, inkstones are full of elegant ink, and poems and books are half full of clear poems and songs, rhyming with sadness.. I know, this is all a quiet dream, wake up, it is Te vas?. (American Literature Reading Network

   Your pain makes me sad..





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