Can't wait for love(3)

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   Know that you are very busy, very tired every day.. But every time I ask you, you will say: I will not be tired with you. How can you not be tired? You're just trying not to worry me.

   The old spirits on the three living stones, the moon and the wind, should not be discussed..

   Ashamed lover far visit, although the opposite sex forever.

   In front of me, After Life is boundless. I fear that I will be heartbroken if I want to talk..

   The mountains and rivers of Wu and yue searched for themselves, but they returned to qutang on the smoking table..

  Is it true that I am the person engraved on your Sansheng Stone? The moment you saw me, you recognized me as an old friend at a glance just like Ethan of inside in this poem?

   You said that I am All Men Are Mortal of your Wait Again And Again and the homecoming of your Around The Bend..

   In your endless favor, my world inside, because you are full of sunshine. Having your time is Happy. With your smile, my sky is blue and clear..

   Buddha said: Looking back 500 times in the previous life, it was only in return for passing by in this life.. Legend has it that the beautiful rich woman gave up everything and got 500 years in front of Buddha just to look at her beloved man.! Flowers bloom for 500 years, flowers fall for 500 years, among thousands of years, just waiting for his arrival.. Whether, we also have such fate, this life we will meet? If meeting is already doomed, then, in this life, I will devote my whole life to cherish it.!

  [3]Nature has made people happy. You are the love I can't wait for.

   I remember Eileen Chang said: "among thousands of people, meet the person you want to meet.". In thousands of years, with the boundlessness of time, inside, a wilderness, met by such coincidence, 金洋娱乐注册 neither earlier nor later, and then said softly, Oh, originally Here, Too. "

   How many such beauties can there be in the world without one step earlier and one step later?? How many such days can be combined? (责任编辑:admin)




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