Can't wait for love(2)

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   If you have All Men Are Mortal, you are wearing the wrong time and space.? Or am I going to the wrong tunnel?? Why, you and I can only be Popotan who can never be?

   Tears flow, I know, your love, I can't continue to wait, because that is the love that can't wait..

  [2]meet for the first time, as the old friend according to the month

   In the world of mortals, we all meet many people.. Some people hurried by, while others were standing still.. The reason is deep and the reason is shallow. One More Kiss clouds are scattered. It is up to you and me to decide.. I have always believed that walking through the throng of people, I will have the spiritual traction and let me meet the person who shares my heart..

   Fate is really a wonderful thing.. In your casual, you will encounter the scenery that belongs to you..

   I met you in a winter.. Cold weather, cold heart, light sad words are all I had that winter.. You came into my life right now, inside.. With a sunny smile, you said, "I will worry about you, I will care about you, I will worry about you, I will make you happy. Tell me when you are sad, don't forget to tell me when you are in pain, don't forget to inform me when you are ill, ask me when you are in difficulty, and remember me when you are disappointed.. "You said:" I am happy if you are happy! "

   You said: "Your writing inside always has a slight sadness. I will cover your sadness with my smile.". "I laughed when I heard what you said. You will always tell me warm stories that happened around you, and always share affectionate and warm songs for me. You said, don't listen to those sad songs any more, and then listen to the songs I give you later.. And I know that every night, in order to find songs for me, you often have to listen to a lot of songs to find what you are satisfied with, in order to see a smiling face of mine..

   You said, with your days, you should let happiness fill my heart and let sorrow not exist. Let my sky be blue in the future.. You said, most afraid to see my tears, in that case, your heart, will be very painful very painful. (责任编辑:admin)




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