Can't wait for love

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   Not all flowers will bear fruit. Not all love can depend on each other. Not all the waiting can be completed.. The limit of the sky, the corner of the sea and your love are all the things I can't wait for, because that's the love I can't wait for..


  [1]A song, a little sad

   Autumn rain trickled and clear.. Autumn rain, dyed sorrow; Sorrow, with thoughts, in this autumn night, quietly spread .

   "hide your photos in your cell phone/look at them when no one else is around/I know you hang me like this/the same thing needs to be covered up/two people have a share but no chance/get to know each other at the wrong time/can't be so sorry/tears can only flow into your heart/we are two parallel straight lines/can't get close to each other or too far away/a love affair has been settled for you but it is messy/in fact missing has become a habit/I can't remember the first time I lost sleep for you/look at the gaunt face in the mirror/want to hear your familiar voice at once/but I don't know where you are now

   A song called "Parallel Lines" came from computer inside. The song penetrated through my heart, and I felt a little sadness and blurred vision. In the end, tears filled my eyes and slowly slipped down .

   If all the encounters in the world are reunited after a long separation, then the encounter between you and me is the fate of your life.? Or did I kill inside?

   If everything in the world has cause and effect, then am I the cause of your past life?? Are you the fruit of my life?

   People say that the person you love in this life was the one who buried you in the previous life. The person who fell in love with you, you buried him in a previous life.. So, are you the person I buried in a previous life?? Am I the one you buried in your previous life?

   If there is really a Sansheng stone in the world, is it engraved with your name and mine?? If not, why did you and I meet as before? If so, why did you meet me at the wrong time?? (责任编辑:admin)




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