Dialogue between Fish and Water

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   Fish said: You are so beautiful, I think I like you.

   Water said: Fool, that is only goodwill.

   Fish said: Really, I will not lie to you.

   Water said: I don't believe in love at first sight.

   As the days passed, fish's feelings for water became increasingly sincere and magnanimous..

   Fish said: I like being with you.

   Water said: That's because you have already adapted to me.

   Fish said: I like your taste.

   Water said: That's because you are used to my existence.

   A few days later, the water will continue to travel.

   Fish said: I can't leave you.

   Water said: You will forget me in a few days.

   Fish said: No, I won't love anyone except you.金洋娱乐平台

   Water said: That's because you haven't met anyone other than me.

   Fish said: You are all I have.

   Water said: You are not my only one.

   Fish said: What are you looking for?

   Water said: only the warm heart of the sea is my only.

   Fish said: Can't you stay for me?

   Water said: No, once I stop, I will become stagnant water, and I will never see the sea again..

   Fish said: Can we fight together then?

   Water said: You will never catch up with me.

   Fish said: Can you wait a little for me?

   Water said: I only like to gallop.

   Fish said: No matter what, I will accompany you to swim to the sea..

   Water said: Don't be silly, you are just a freshwater fish..

   Fish said: I don't want you to face the wind and waves alone.

   Water said: I will not thank you for this.

   Fish said: I don't want to win your gratitude, I am Ich will dich.

   Water said: Do you know In Time with You.

   Fish said: But you cannot deprive me of the right to love you.

   Water said: You will only harm yourself in this way. (责任编辑:admin)




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