Meaning of existence

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   What is the meaning of existence? For the first time, I have this question: What are we storing here for?. Desire, Wealth, Sin, What Is the Meaning of Our Existence?

   I have started to enter high school this year, and I know more and more things. At last I begin to doubt my existence. Every morning I look at myself in the mirror of inside, and I will say who you are.? The high school students are discussing their future destination or ideal, but can that kind of thing really be called meaning?? Just one reason.

   Some people may not believe in the second personality, but I can see my other personality, whether I am an idiot, a fool or a Chunibyo outbreak, but this is reality and this is also the reason why I doubt myself. My second personality is born out of loneliness and disappointment. I also know that he really exists, but does its existence only mean not to hurt me??

   Whenever someone comes, I will say what are you doing here? What is your meaning and purpose? Because of this, my friends are almost zero. Habitual scene.

   The dark night and the bitter wind kept me thinking about the meaning of existence.? Walking like this, I could clearly feel the sound of feet stepping on the thick snow and the sharp pain of the cold wind on my face. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise, probably the glass was broken by someone..

   No, all the students except me should have left at this time, and the sound seems to be coming from my classroom. Who is it? Someone should have heard such a loud voice, but nobody has come now..

   Now I can only go and have a look. I ran back and stood at the door of the classroom for about five minutes, but it was strange that the windows were in good condition. I noticed that the door opened and I went in in fear and trembling. as soon as I entered the classroom, I changed my appearance for an instant..

   This is . my third grade classroom, "hello! Can you write it for me? "I looked at his hand Classmates Memo, was about to take over when he suddenly turned into countless powder disappeared, my hand inside Classmates Memo, too. I just stood there. (责任编辑:admin)




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