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   Here I would also like to talk about some views on the word "friend". Perhaps I have passed the year of knowing destiny, perhaps I have experienced too many frustrations, perhaps I have gradually realized some superficial truth in the long twists and turns of my life, and I think I should speak out my own understanding.. In order to entertain predestined friends.

   Everyone will meet many different people in his life.. Whether it is the quality of the high and low, the depth of cultivation, looks ugly handsome, good or bad disposition, or temper, etc., are different from person to person.. Although some people often meet each other, they cannot get to know each other very well. Some people seldom meet each other, but they know each other very well. That is, white hair is as new as new and old as old..

   In fact, even those who can be regarded as friends in life also need to be divided into many types: some are A hedge between keeps friendship green.'s friends who are light as water, some are friends who are congenial in temperament, some are like-minded people with the same qualities, some are no words but no words's confidante (blue yan), and some are lovers with certain intimate relationships and friendship.. There are also some people from some personal needs or interests, in order to achieve a certain purpose and intersection of Drinking Buddies; There are also some friends who can complement each other after they meet although their qualities, cultivation and disposition are quite different.. No matter how to say, everyone can't have only one kind of friends, no matter who needs all kinds of friends, as long as the purpose of making friends is positive and healthy, sincere and frank between each other and can accommodate each other can be friends.. Only in this way can life be not monotonous but colorful.. The ancients said: a bosom friend is hard to find, and it is enough to have a bosom friend in life.. It means that one should not be too greedy, as long as one has a bosom friend, one should be satisfied, and others can be just 金洋娱乐 ordinary friends without demanding which kind of friends he is.. A man who is a bosom friend dies, while a woman is a person who delights herself.. Through the ages, High Mountains and Running Water has been searching for a bosom friend. He can't stop playing, and he is making a sound like XiangSilei.. The lonely welcome Nigori has done his best, leaving Meng Han this evening. There are countless ways to say goodbye. Friends are hard to find. Jade grains and gold grains choke all over his throat.. After much deliberation, the so-called bosom friend seldom asks a few people in his life, sighing with grief and sorrow, laughing at the world of mortals, and how tired the mediocre are.. (责任编辑:admin)




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