Half of Moganshan's Travels

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   The night before yesterday, after I went to bed at 9 o'clock, I just tossed and turned and couldn't sleep as if there was something I wanted.. At twelve o'clock, I assumed that I had slept all night, and now it was dawn. I formally got out of bed in my clothes and went to my desk to continue writing an outstanding manuscript.. At half past two, the manuscript was finished, but I felt very tired.. Let's assume we've spent the whole day and now it's night and day, then we'll undress and go to bed.. Lie down and fall asleep.

   The next morning, while still in deep sleep, I heard someone saying to me, "Mr z is here! Mr. z is here! "It's my sister's voice. I jumped up in my sleep haziness, put on my clothes and went downstairs to meet Mr. Z.. Mr. z said: "disturbing your dreams! "I said," I already got up. I finished writing an article yesterday and got up late after midnight.. Lose one's welcome! "Here is the salutation. He arrived in Hangzhou last night so as not to knock at the door at night. He stayed at the hotel inside last night.. Come to see me early this morning and ask me to visit Mr l at moganshan with him.. He knew that I had finished writing a manuscript last night and that I could play with it safely today. He was extremely happy and cried happily, "decree by destiny! Decree by destiny! I seem to know that I am coming today.! "I also learn his name again:" decree by destiny! Decree by destiny! I seem to know that you are coming today.!"

   We exchanged greetings, drank tea, ate porridge and were ready to go out.. I suggest: "You arrived in Hangzhou yesterday night. I haven't seen the West Lake before. I have to go and have a look today.. He said: "I grew up in Hangzhou, and I am tired of watching the West Lake.". Let's go to mt. mogan. "But what time does the bus to Moganshan leave, do you know? ""I don't know. The bus stop is not far, let's bump into it.. Decree by destiny, then take to; If it is to open in the afternoon, we will go to the West Lake again.. ""All right, all right. "He brought the bag, and I went out empty-handed. (责任编辑:admin)




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