I am a monkey, please tease

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   I live in a big city, a relatively developed and open city.. But my classmates said that you are really not like the people in this city, your life is simply closed!

   I am the kind of girl who can close herself in a room in inside for a month. Similarly, I can also take up my backpack and travel outside for a month..

   My parents seldom take care of me, because in my eyes, it is very good that they can take care of themselves.. What I have never understood is why two people who quarrel every day can still live together.. Every time I go home for a few days on holiday, I can't live without their quarrel.. I didn't say anything the other day, so I sent me a text message and packed my luggage and came to school..

   My life is lonely, it is two points and one line.. In the first few days, I could also play games day and night to express my resentment. Later, I accidentally walked to this website and read many articles written by others. I also started to write them.. I am very happy to be noticed by others, as if my world is not so lonely..

   Just after someone read my article, my mood suddenly became very bright and beautiful.. I crawled out of my dormitory inside, which I had lived in for nearly a week. I want to go home once. I want to sleep in bed with my mother and have a family talk. I want to listen to her nagging.. Every time I leave, it seems to be my mother's greatest pain. He has endured his father's shortcomings for half his life. Similarly, every time they have an explosive quarrel, I will make waves in it..

   I really don't like my father. He doesn't take a family as his responsibility at all.. In his eyes, as long as the salary card is handed to his mother, inside, there is nothing to worry about.. His Go Out Early And Come Back at Dusk seems to be a common occurrence. He smokes and drinks outside and never gives peace to his family. He has pity on my infatuated mother. In the middle of the night, he keeps calling him and often tells my little uncle to drive her around in the middle of the night.. (责任编辑:admin)




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