Fog is a beautiful scenery in the mountains.

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   Fog is a beautiful scenery in the mountains.

   Luokan, which has a long history, is my hometown, where sunny days are few, rainy days are many, and clouds often accompany it.. Gentle white fog often floats on the foothills of the Green Valley, high and steep rocks, secluded forests, white walls, green tiles and rivers, adding a touch of poetry and painting to the originally verdant Luokan. Here, there is the beauty of the artistic conception of "my family lives deep in the white clouds, ploughing the fields and cultivating the land in the sky.".

   The fog in Rokan is white, soft and gentle. It looks like cotton playing loosely. It is very lovely.. She came leisurely and went lightly and leisurely.. My thoughts often follow white fog and Fei Qi, and my eyes move with their beautiful images. For example, as I release my weight, an idea suddenly flashes in my heart. What is the fog?? What is fog in your heart? The question led me into meditation.. After thinking, the author thinks that fog is a beautiful scenery in the mountains. As for what is in my heart, I leave it to the readers to feel it.!

   The fog in spring and summer is lazy, sometimes lazy and motionless, lying quietly on the canyons and rivers, just like a wonderful girl sleeping soundly, presenting the beautiful scenery of the Hengjiang River valley in white fog, which is flat, frozen and brilliant.. The fog in autumn and winter should be diligent and light in color. It looks like a faded mosquito net. It often stays in half of Yamanoe and on the mountains, presenting a spectacle of fog pouring into clouds and sky merging into one color, with green mountains standing upright in the sky..

   The fog in Rokan sometimes seems to be angry, and it comes in a violent manner. In a flash, it devours everything, leaving people in a daze everywhere, making it impossible to distinguish the east village and the west village from the earth.. When the sky is clear and the clouds are clear and the fog is clear, become visible is full of luxuriant grass, but the fog has not taken away anything. Everything is still fresh and natural.. (责任编辑:admin)




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