Happy Birthday to Mom

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   Happy Birthday to Mom

   1. Mom, I miss you, not only today, but today is your birthday. Although I am out of town, my heart has flown back to you! Happy birthday, mom.!

   2. Mom, today is your birthday. May all happiness, all 金洋娱乐 happiness, all warmth and all good luck surround you. Happy birthday! Health! Happiness!

   3. Happy birthday, dear mother. I hope you can understand the love in my heart. Words will never be enough to express it..

   4, the birthday candle flickers in a season of flowers, each one is my wish: happy birthday!

   Dear mother, I wish you a happy birthday and good health.! May my blessing ac COMpany you throughout the four seasons: spring brings you a wisp of fragrance, summer brings you a little coolness, autumn brings you a plate of fruit pulp, and winter brings you a house of heat waves..

   6. For us, the greatest happiness is to understand our parents.. I got this happiness and never lost it.. So on your birthday, I say to you: thank you!

   At that time, you took my little hand for a walk in the setting sun. the wind in the setting sun was so selfless, so gentle, clear and deep.. Today, I still remember the sunset and the wind as far away as the end of the world. Please bring my deep blessing to them..

   8, heaven belongs to your sincerity and love, send a voice to bless your family, dear mother, wish you a happy birthday, happy forever.!

   9. Send Mom: Some people say that there is no eternal feeling in the world, but I am wrong.! Mother is eternal, she is an eternal star..

   Some people say that there is no eternal feeling in the world.. I said no.! Mother is eternal, she is an eternal star..

   11. Mom, on this special day in inside, all the blessings are packed with our love in your glass, inside, red and deep, to the bottom of my heart.!

   12. You have nurtured my soul and body with maternal love. Your milk is the source of my thinking. Your eyes are tied to my life's hope.. My mother, I don't know how to repay you and wish you a happy birthday.! (责任编辑:admin)




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