How can I bear this love?

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   How can I bear this love?

   I don't know what you're thinking and what you're aiming at. inside's confused appearance suddenly broke the original relatively frank relationship line.. Just two meetings, can you be so sure what you want and what I want?? You only use two sharp words to answer my questions, but this is not the answer I want to hear. I can deceive myself and others, but I cannot play with my feelings. I do not have the capital to play with and have no time or energy to play with. I do not want to end up just having an empty joy. I only have my own pain.. It's not that I can't accept you, it's just that this sudden love makes me a little overwhelmed. I just want to protect myself and my only self-esteem.

   Yes, you hold my hand, when you hold me, my heart is very 金洋娱乐注册 calm and peaceful, just like holding a little brother who has not recovered from an injury. I don't know if this is love, whether you call me poison or cold-blooded, I'm not good at deceiving people, and I won't cheat your feelings. if you are lonely and just want someone to accompany you through college life, then I'm sorry, I can't, because this is impossible, when you are still enjoying a good life in college. Perhaps I have been struggling for my future hardships. There is a time difference between us, just like two parallel lines, but they will never meet. Thank you for your warm embrace yesterday. Perhaps you also have a feeling of relief. I am too pure and too competitive, which will make you not know what to do. And you should find someone more suitable for you, shouldn't you?.

   Yes, what my eyes see may not be the most real. tailao, which I wrapped myself in, and perhaps flour, which is my most real, and flour, which is also the darkest, will make you more at a loss. Therefore, please do not provoke me if you do not cherish it. Your temperature will not melt me at least now.. I didn't expect to see each other in pain and then fail to make friends. In fact, it is quite good now.. Ambiguous this kind of thing can kill people, enough is enough! This is my reminder to you and yourself.! I'm sorry, just as I don't know how to cherish it, just as we met the wrong person at the wrong time and place. I hope I can still be Taste in your heart.. Cherish your only two years of college life. (责任编辑:admin)




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