Meeting is the first time, looking back is a lifetime.

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   Love, finally broke .

   Love, after all wounds .

   People, eventually dispersed .

   Flowers, after all, fall .

   I thought I could live with a smile, but I lost to you.

   I thought, I won, but lost to myself, and finally lost to you.



   The word "years" is always a little thin and cool, and it's a little quiet. I'm not a warm-hearted girl, but I'm full of all the joys and sorrows in my bones.. I often think of the fragrance of those hands and sigh with emotion at the beginning that I would easily be moved by myself.. Meeting is like meeting at first sight. When I was young, if I knew how to cherish xiyuanba, wouldn't I leave a lot of sadness to miss?? At the same time, I thought that the road would be full of flowers in the future. Until one day, my deep love and affection became a touch of pity from unhurried. Only that sentence remained. The most beautiful thing was not the rainy weather, but the eaves that escaped the rain with you.. I long for years to be a poem, the rhyme of which is the evening glow of those raindrops strung together under the eaves to bloom briefly in every quiet night.. Not everyone is deeply attached to you. We just need to remember the warmth of those who passed by..

   I like to sit by the window. The sound of listen to the rain falling down falls on the roof tiles, stone streets and alleys, and the initial load of mud just coming out.. Gradually, the heart full of dust has been cleaned by Photographic processing.. At this time, I didn't think much. There is a house I like. It doesn't need to be very big. The decoration style inside is my favorite. A set of tea sets is put on it. In my spare time, I can bubble tea, taste the fragrance of tea, write a few small words, express my sentiment, and occasionally play a song to enrich my inner world.. There are several peach trees planted in front of the house, preferably a small yard with sunflowers and a lotus pond nearby, which can be accompanied by lotus fragrance in summer.. Until dusk, there will be a person who knows you and looks at your neighbors. I read and you listen.! Only wish for the end of the world. (责任编辑:admin)




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