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   Flowers are everywhere, but I love flowers best..

   Peach blossom in I Love Spring, it is so gorgeous, like a beautiful girl, enchanting slowly opened up, it is like a light makeup, really beautiful.

   I love the summer Chinese rose. It is like a shy girl surrounded by three layers of flowers. When it is about to blossom, the petals tightly embrace and spread out.. As soon as the breeze blows, it wriggles and dances softly with its slender waist.. It has a "magic weapon to protect itself" that is thorns. Its flowering period is very long. I love its beauty..

   I love sweet osmanthus in autumn, it has a unique fragrance, which makes people unable to return to god for a long time.. Its body is small, and the flowers are five pieces, with several layers surrounding the central core. I love its elegance and fragrance..

   I love the plum blossom in winter. It grows in winter and is not afraid of cold. It is so strong, so proud and as cold as ice.. It has a poem called "the corner several plum, ling2 han2 open alone. Knowing from afar that it is not snow, it is because there is dark fragrance.. "I love its pride, love its pure fragrance.

   Flowers are everywhere and bloom countless all the year round. I love the realm of flowers and the characteristics of them..

   Comments by famous teachers:

   This article is written around the 金洋娱乐 flowers I like in the four seasons. The article uses metaphor and personification in many places to make the article rich in literary grace.. The article describes the form of flowers in detail and the characteristics of the four flowers thoroughly, giving people enjoyment of beauty. It is a successful masterpiece..





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