If you are comfortable, time cannot hide her elegance.

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   Many years ago, Qian Zhongshu gave her the highest evaluation: "the most virtuous wife, the most talented woman.". Now, she is a warm comfort in this tumultuous and restive era, letting people see that "there is really hope to live, it can be so good.".

   Beijing Sanlihe, a dormitory community belonging to the State Council, is a three-story old house. The only apartment of several hundred households without Closed balcony or interior decoration "in order to see a blue sky in the room" is Yang Jiang's residence..

   She has not left since she moved in 1977.. Once "All Three of Us", she was left alone sorting out Qian Zhongshu's academic relics, never stop writing. In her, people will forget the cruelty of time: 103 A.D. is merciless and long, and she is as flexible, clear, independent, full of strength and warm as ever .

   After Qian Zhongshu died, Fei Xiaotong paid a visit to Yang Jiang, who said with a pun: "The stairs are not easy to walk, and you should not go up the stairs again.". "

   Yang Jiang's father, Yang Yinhang, was deeply educated and educated. He stayed in Japan in his early years and later became a famous barrister in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. He was the director of Zhejiang Province's higher judicial department.. In 1911, Prima della rivoluzione and Yang Yinhang returned from studying in the United States to teach in a law and politics school in Beijing.. On July 17, 1911, yang Jiang was born in Beijing. he was named Ji kang and his nickname was Ji.

   Yang Jiang was the fourth oldest and the shortest of the sisters. His cat-loving father smiled and said, "Cats are good for people with short legs and short body.". "Yang Jiang returned to Wuxi and Shanghai to study primary school at the age of eight and entered Suzhou Suzhou No.10 Middle School of Jiangsu Province at the age of 12.

   Under her father's guidance, she began to be infatuated with the world of books in inside. Both Chinese and English were used to study. Reading quickly became her greatest hobby.. Once my father asked her, "Ji, I won't let you read for three days. how are you?"? "She said," It's not easy. ""don't let you see for a week? "She replied," I've been living for nothing for a week.. " (责任编辑:admin)




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