The Four Seasons of Hometown

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   Hometown is a sentimental attachment in my heart.. It is like a lover, wearing a light outfit, gentle, simple and generous, beautiful provoked the eye, but backward let a person love dearly. It is also like a clever and delicate, charming and amorous village girl who is experiencing wind, frost, rain and snow and suffering from a rough fate..

   In spring, walking with a vibrant atmosphere, let all the sleepy life open their sleepy eyes and bump into the bright and beautiful, and feel the fragrance of sleeves and the heroic mood..

   Yuqian is the beginning of this season.. It is a kind of fruit of elm trees, round, the size of a fingernail, which should be known to all rural people.. At that time, I often asked a few friends to pick it. They are very dexterous. Monkeys climb up the tree and drag a few branches down to let me pick them from below. Then they take them home. Mother washes them clean and puts them on for conditioning. They steam a pot of delicious, hot yuqian steamed bread. It is moderately salty, delicious and easy to evoke Appetite. After more than ten years, I have often drifted away and never tasted the special taste of my hometown again..

   In summer, all plants bloom on the earth and all kinds of flowers bloom in all colors to Life plan A and B.. Cicada is the hardest singer in this season. Frogs follow and sing, crickets ac COMpany.. This is the world of plants, the sea of animals, the paradise of birds and the paradise of children..

   Look, the children leapt into the water in small groups with a "plop" sound, splashing more than ten feet of spray on the water surface. A dive plunged into the water and in a short time fished out a big frog, citing the water surface to 金洋平台 show off.. They had fun playing water fights, fishing and swimming competitions..

   On the shore, several smooth slates were laid obliquely, half submerged in the water and half exposed to the water.. A group of big girls, a newlywed, were washing clothes there. Others took off their shoes and rolled up their trouser legs. Their feet were immersed in the water. They beat their clothes hard with a big wooden stick. While talking and laughing, they watched the children playing in the water.. (责任编辑:admin)




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