Is it indifference or hatred after love?

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   Happiness does not require confession, pain does not require shouting, my sadness does not need to be replaced by others, and the days with you have taught me what love is and what is the pleasure of the heart . the days without you have made me taste all the human misery.. Missing is common, memory becomes rain, wind cannot blow away my sad missing, rain cannot wash away my deeply painful memory, how I hope time can take away all my things, dilute my care for you, even I pray for an accident to make me forget all, so that I can no longer suffer from the pain of thinking and reading..

   I always think that I am strong enough to bear the dark night alone. I always think that leaving is the beginning of forgetting, but I don't know that escaping is a sign of cowardice. When missing is still there, my memory still exists. No matter where I am alone, all forgetting is an excuse that can deceive others but not myself. Only when I let go and cross that threshold can I let go of the world.. Not everyone can achieve the level of inattentive, can see through all the free and easy, so the cocoon became their own a kind of trouble, a kind of pain .

   It only takes a second to fall in love with you, but it may take a year, four years, ten years or a lifetime to forget you.? Once I wanted to give you all my happiness, but I couldn't get into your world, so you didn't care about my world and I was expelled from yours.! I care about you very much, so I will try my best to forget you. whenever tears are swirling around my eyes, I know that I am deceiving myself and cannot forget you.. It is said that the road I have chosen will go down on my knees, but the choice I made for you means it is over at the beginning.. At the beginning, I was desperate, blocking all the retreat routes and making choices, but as a result, I lost in a big mess.. In a short period of one year, the starting point of giving way became the ending point.. This is what you said. To tell the truth, I really hate you. However, the more I hate you, the more I can't let it go. In the end, I lost all my feelings. Until now, I can't forget this love. (责任编辑:admin)




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