Zhuge Liang's Story: Zhuge Liang Marries His Wife

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   Zhuge Liang's Story: Zhuge Liang Marries His Wife

   Legend has it that when Zhuge Liang lived in seclusion in Longzhong, Xiangyang, he studied hard every day and seldom went out at ordinary times.. Flash has been more than 20 years old, haven't found a satisfactory daughter-in-law.

   From Huangjiawan in inside, more than ten years away from Longzhong, there was a famous man named Huang Chengyan. Huang Chengyan has an only daughter Yueying, who will be 20 years old, and has yet to find her husband's family.. Huang Chengyan took a fancy to Zhuge Liang's talents and was willing to give him his daughter. He asked Zhuge Liang's good friend Cui Zhouping to explore Zhuge Liang's words.. Zhuge Liang heard others say that miss Huang's family was ugly, so he prevaricated and refused. Huang Chengyan knew what Zhuge Liang was thinking.

   On one occasion, Zhuge Liang visited Huang Chengyan with Cui Zhouping, Xu Shu and Shi Guangyuan. They came to Huang's door and were about to enter when suddenly a rhubarb dog jumped out of the room and pounced on them.. They were in a hurry to dodge left and right when suddenly a tiger jumped out from behind the door. Zhuge Liang was scared and turned to run, but was stopped by Cui Zhouping. Looking back, the tiger didn't come to bite them, but drove the dog back to the door to inside.. Zhuge Liang and others went in carefully. looking again, it turned out that dogs and tigers were made of wood.. At this time, Huang Chengyan came out and let them into the house.. When the host and guest were seated, Huang Chengyan reached out and pressed the corner of the table. He walked out of the door and handed the tea to the two tea bearers.. Zhuge Liang was about to say thank you when he looked up and looked carefully. the tea bearer was also made of wood.. He said in surprise: "it is really admirable that Mr. Huang can make such an ingenious mechanism.". "After hearing this, Huang Chengyan burst out laughing and said:" Where did I make this? It's all a little gadget invented by little girl Achou. "Zhuge Liang heard that these magical things are made by miss Huang, very admire. I thought to myself: This woman has such wonderful skills, which is really a rare 汇盛国际 talented woman in the world. If I could marry her, I would be very lucky.. Zhuge Liang regretted not having promised propose a marriage of Cui Zhouping at the beginning.. At this moment, Shi Guangyuan said, "It is really a blessing for you to have a woman."! "Huang Chengyan shook his head and stared at Zhuge Liang." It's just that the little girl is ugly. Even nobody wants her. ". "Hearing this, zhuge liang flushed. At this time, Cui Zhouping deliberately raised his voice and said: "Miss Huang is so talented that she is not unable to marry, but she is only determined to find the' bright' person.". "Hearing what Cui Zhouping said, everyone laughed. Laughing, Xu Shu said slowly: "Isn't this" bright "and" bright "the" bright "of Zhuge Liang and" bright "the" bright "of Zhuge Liang? "everyone is a burst of laughter. After laughing, Zhuge Liang seized the opportunity to say, "My parents died early, but now they have failed, so I am afraid Mr. Huang will not accept this marriage."? "Huang Chengyan took a fancy to zhuge liang, earlier also asked Cui Zhouping to mention close, how can promise? He hurriedly said, "It's just that the little girl is ugly. You won't abandon her, will you?"! "Zhuge Liang said hastily:" I am too late to be happy. Do I dare to abandon it! "everyone is a burst of laughter, the marriage became.

   On the day Zhuge Liang and Yueying Huang got married, he paced back and forth in the thatched cottage and inside, reluctant to enter the bridal chamber.. At this moment, his heart was filled with joy and sorrow.. Happy is married to a talented woman, sorrow is married to an ugly daughter-in-law. Since ancient times heroes love beauty, Zhuge Liang is certainly no exception.. His heart was very unbalanced and he sighed to himself: "I, Zhuge Liang, be talented in letters and unconventional in life and talented and good looking;be endowed with both beauty and talent, should have married a woman from Said of a woman or maiden. I didn't expect to have married an ugly daughter-in-law.". "Sighed, he felt sorry for Yueying Huang, Yueying, Yueying, your ingenuity, why was born with an ugly appearance?

   Until late at night, Zhuge Liang dawdled into the bridal chamber and crustily skin of head uncovered Yueying Huang's red cap.. On closer inspection, I was immediately stunned: where is the yellow-haired and black-faced Yueying Huang that people say is clearly a fairy descending into the world! Yueying Huang looked at the stunned Zhuge Liang and said, "Why, doesn't somebody else look good?"? Zhuge Liang said: "People say you are ugly. How can you be such a beautiful beauty?"? "

   It turns out that Yueying Huang is not as ugly as people say, but a woman from talented and good looking;be endowed with both beauty and talent.. Then why does Huang Chengyan give her daughter the nickname Ugly and say that her daughter is ugly?? There are several reasons for this: first, there is a folk saying that it is easy to feed children with low names; Second, Huang Chengyan is afraid of some local ruffians Navajeros door-to-door entanglement; The third is to see if his future son-in-law will judge a person by his appearance.. (责任编辑:admin)




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