If you know, why do you need a thousand words

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   1, if you know

   On that day, I accidentally passed your Chai Men. The mottled knocker, how many vicissitudes. There is an unspeakable warmth in former acquaintance, like. Conservatory Garden very deeply, quiet as time on a branch. A cup of green tea, the temperature just right.

   Whispers in the depths of autumn wind, surging fragrance. The reincarnation of Sanskrit is a cross between Fermentation starter and the world of mortals Full stop. Tap, the clear rhythm of life. Who is it, at the end of time. Sitting upright, such as Zen?

   I happen to be at the corner of the season.. In order to meet, you sat alone for a whole cycle.. You said, you forgot the world of mortals light warm qinghuan. In a quiet day, the white dew has no frost.. The marrow is cold, always wet your purple clothes..

   The first sight of Nanshan is too busy.. Is a past life, then continued Chenyuan. Autumn waters, ying ying. You follow the path I paved with grass.. Horseshoe dalai, smelling the fragrance of orchid. Deep sleep for many years of emotion, ripples on the ripples.

   I said, the grass I planted cannot feed your white horse.. After that mountain, there are still thousands of mountains and rivers far away.. The butterfly you want cannot fly beyond the boundless 汇盛国际 sea.. You said, LuHan's Fans (Reed) shore, strangers in a hurry. The silence of that life makes you tired of drifting..

   A person's fireworks, after all, some thin cool. Warm sunshine cannot warm through the coldness in the depths of each season.. I looked up and saw a look of expectation on this bank.. You were speechless and waited for a long time.. There is a kind of warm, across long thousands of years. Falling into the heart of my eyebrow eye.

   Long wait, always through thousands of mountains and rivers. In the clear and peaceful inside of writing, it has never changed.. Heart, Enron as Lotus, Tingting Autumn Wind. After passing through Qian Fan, you came with the current and did not come for an audience.. Only for, this life no longer pass by.

   Once we meet, we can see for a thousand years.. If you know, why do you need a thousand words. Wind inside, rain inside, brew a cup of tea. Cut candle west window, a total of Sang Ma. Month after month, year after year, season after season.

   2, if meet

   I met you when peach blossoms were blooming wantonly.. Your footsteps, silent, silent. Such as the window, gently across the window sill that a wisp of breeze. Not tapping, I half mask Door.

   You are so quiet and dignified.In the corner I can't see, there is silence, giving me a touch of warmth..

   I never thought that you would live in my city. Like a green vine, wrapped around my shallow words. According to the ink fragrance of my words, I slept peacefully and soundly..

   You said, you will always be in my city. Give me warmth and keep me company.. I said, you are my forever warm. My city, because of you, has an extra sunshine temperature..

   Perhaps, this life is doomed, you are a warm mark on my eyebrow.. No, deliberately close. Also, warm all my cold.

   Tonight, the night breeze is slightly cool.. I want to say to you, in the world of mortals, you are my most suitable One meter sunshine.. Across the mountains and rivers, I can also feel your just right temperature at this moment..

   In an instant, September is already halfway through.. You're still here, quietly watching. Turn around and bid farewell to The Old Time. Under the setting sun, you are still as warm as jade.. Give me autumn Yun Shenchu, the clearest piece of warmth..

   3, if meet

   Outside the window, there is still a colorful lively. Bend over and look at the phoenix tree that year.. There is a yellow leaf, light green tile.

   It's been a long time, I haven't enjoyed the scenery well, and I'm not familiar with it.. The haste of life always makes a fickle heart forget something to cherish in time in inside..

   You said, you like the wind. So you follow the wind and follow it. No matter spring or summer, no matter autumn or winter.. Every year, Year after Year.

   I said, I am waiting for the wind. Follow one's inclinations, one's inclinations, one's inclinations. In the vicissitudes of life, nothing can remain unchanged.. The autumn wind blows across the stranger, overflows the world of mortals and goes further into the depths of autumn waters..

   In fact, I happen to be here and you are. Is the most beautiful scenery. The wind you have to wait for is, after all, like a wisp of smoke hidden in the world of mortals..

   Then, let me, let me reserve a spring breeze for you.. At the corner of the next spring, there must be you, me and the wind..

   4, if dependent

   In October, the flowers are colorful. If I am too moved, they spread freely.. Those who do not move to cherish the color, in the footsteps of gradually drifting away, inside. Always as firm as a rock. The scenery I have seen and the fate I have missed are as thin as Cicada's wings in a windswept inside.. Relying on stars and moons, only you are my most beautiful poem and painting.. (责任编辑:admin)




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