Breaking up story, my twin

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   Breaking up story, my twin

   I have a friend. I am one day older than her. I grew up together. all the friends around me said we were twins, but she was emotional and rational.. In fact, my friends over 20 years, sometimes I know her better than she does.. Let's call her Xiao Qi for a moment, because she feels like it..

   The reason for writing her story is that today 2014. 11. On Singles Day, when I was still in my sleep, she called to celebrate her holiday because she was single again. Listening to her loud noise, she sighed bitterly that I couldn't sleep. Although she easily told me that she would eat a big meal to celebrate, I knew that the girl was injured again.!

   I have always believed in fate, and like the old saying that life inside must have at times, and life inside must not demand at all times.. Therefore, I have always lived with a happy-go-lucky attitude, so I will never be reluctant to learn to love or be single.. However, the 7th grade is different. Every love affair starts with a bang and ends with death and boredom. Each episode is always better than the TV series..

   When she was 15 years old and we were all concerned about how to enter a higher school, she had been openly pursued by the most handsome people in the school.. In fact, sometimes I really don't understand her, not beautiful, not smart, not good at learning, but luck is always so good.. In the envious eyes of all the girls, her first love was finally strangled by his father. In fact, she never admitted that it was her first love.. The discovery was also particularly dramatic. She said that when school was over, the "Nicholas Tse Jr" gave her a beautiful box. She ate the chocolate and then left a beautiful piece of heart paper. It smelled delicious. She put the backpack on inside and went home.. Then her father tidied up her schoolbag, opened it and found it was a love letter. Then she was severely beaten, and then she was transferred to another school. Then her first love was stillborn.. Later, she always felt sorry for me, saying that if it weren't for her father's beating, her first love would have been 5 or 6 years ahead of schedule and still handsome.! Now forced to dating, early why go to. In fact, I know what she cares most is that she is so handsome.!

   Later, she was pursued by the same person for many years, and many people followed the affected look and changed their goals after seeing no chance. the elder brother chased her for 7 years without even having a chance to eat. last year, she was lovelorn and finally remembered him. she called to say that I wanted to go skiing. the man happily took her to Nanshan. we thought about what was appropriate. as a result, she came back in the afternoon and cried when she came back. she said she slipped and was pulled up by him through her gloves. she felt sick and came back. she asked the reason and said she didn't feel it.. She is always like this. Everything depends on her feelings. Even if The Silk and the Flame is injured again and again, she always does not know how to change it..

   Three years ago, she finally accepted our proposal once and for all.. At the age of 23, she was alone in Beijing, always learning not to take care of herself. At this moment, one of the three leading roles, the glasses man, appeared and moved a large number of onlookers by her various pursuits.. Finally, she couldn't stand the persuasion of her friends and fell in love.. In fact, the glasses man is quite smart, and she was indulged in all kinds of things, plus she was willful, at that time she was even more lawless.. Privately asked glasses man, so used to it? The answer was quite satisfying, saying that no one but me could stand her.. It is true that until now no one can stand her willfulness any more. Of course, this is SOA Anarchy Afterword.. We all know that she has been longing for that kind of love for ten thousand years since she was a child, and she knows that glasses man is not what she wants, but life is not like that, plain and light. I am smiling in NaoTa, but she has not understood these things, just as I cannot understand why love is the same..

   Later, she and the glasses man finally broke up, the reason is all in her, because she met the man of ten thousand years. It was also this man who gave her love and added irreparable pain.. She called him a bad person, and when she showed it to us, everyone objected, especially her younger sister, saying that she would always get hurt. I didn't speak because I knew how her decision would not change.. She was indeed happy for some time to come.. Her luck has always been very good indeed. The people she loves always love her, and the bad guys spoil her, but she doesn't accept it as peacefully as before. She becomes Worry about personal gains and losses and is better to him.. However, when their feelings entered a period of exhaustion and lost their original passion, various problems made the love that she thought she could die completely strangled.. When she was told by the bad man's mother to give the bad man 200,000 yuan to leave her, she smiled and said to me, it's really strange, what age is it, and her parents have intervened.. In fact, at that time she already knew that she had not had a white head for ten thousand years, but she didn't want to think about it in hindsight.. (责任编辑:admin)




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