I only wish that your heart is like mine. I will not miss yo

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   I only wish that your heart is like mine. I will not miss you.

   I only wish that your heart is like mine. I will not miss you.

   Wen/Bai Shiyu

   I live in the north of the river and you live in the south of the river..

   After drinking the river water, I became a man from north to south..

   To bid farewell to the old, welcome the new and add a happy occasion, and to hear your birthday begins the new year..

   My heart wishes three happy birthdays, and I'll talk to you about selling thousands of bottles of wine..

   The years of Ren Er have passed like the wind, and thousands of bright moons from inside share ChanJuan..

   A bosom friend of its moments of beauty is at hand. When cooking wine, the sky is drunk..

   Young scholar, write all romantic drunk decayed!

   In the year of Sanqi, it was more impassioned than heaven!

   Heroes are not afraid to ride on horseback to take pride in the country.!

   "My Brother's Birthday, Yu Shu"

   There is always a person who remembers you and thinks of you. No matter how far away, even across the Yangtze River, on the day of your birth, he will stand at the source of the Yangtze River, take out a piece of plain paper, write down the unchanging sincere friendship of inside, the world of mortals and fireworks, and send a most sincere blessing.!

   I was deeply moved by reading the birthday congratulatory message from my senior brother. I really want to drink a pot of wine with my senior brother to see who is more like a Jianghu chivalrous man.?

   This is the most special gift I have received in the past 20 years. No one has ever written me an article or a poem before. At this time, I am very happy and touched to see the excellent work of my senior brother.! Carefully read "scholar young, write all romantic drunk decayed! In the year of Sanqi, it was more impassioned than 汇盛国际 heaven! Heroes are not afraid to ride on horseback to take pride in the country.! "every word, you can see brother is a heroic man, he yearned for a free life, and friends to sing poetry, when the song to wine. I seem to see myself as a young man in white, holding a sword behind my senior brother and becoming a Jianghu chivalrous man..

   A year ago, we met a literary group on the Internet. At the beginning, we just felt that Yu Shu's name was nice. So we opened up Yu Shu's space, read his diary, and read his essay "Half Friendship, Half Love": "My half friendship lost to that half love, and lost completely. That half friendship now no longer exists. In this way, we went to a strange road.. "there is a hint of sadness, a young mind, youth road, even if the fireworks again beautiful, is also a moment. Miss this person, the next intersection, is a new person, the in the mind that a obsession, whether with the years of sand, buried in the bottom of my heart, at the right time, can't meet the right person, finally, the youth, send her a "half friendship end enemy but half love ah! "

   Gradually, after reading almost all the diaries of Yu Shu Space, we also became good friends. Senior Brother gave me a classic work by Xi Murong. I was very happy. He also gave me a poetic pseudonym, Bai Shiyu.. From then on, I am brother Bai Shiyu and Bai Wei is our teacher. In fact, I am the same age as my senior brother. His name is Peng Jian, but I prefer to call him Yu Shu or senior brother..

   For example, the prose "Write a poem and become a lament for Iraq, write all my thoughts for Iraq", "Use my three fireworks to change your life to be blurred", "Flowers bloom and fall, and you live in this life", etc. The title of the article is full of poetry and beautiful language, but the content is not empty at all. It has the characteristics of "falling plum blossom and autumn waters". In particular, the senior brother's prose "Autumn leaves are my missing falling thoughts" is "Waning moon can break the yellow sorghum dream, and when will the withered leaves fall off?". "I seem to see a young man sitting quietly in his study at night, pulling open the curtains and listening to the whispers of autumn rain. Looking out of the window at the autumn rain dripping, a lamp, a cup of tea and a plain paper, he wrote a chapter of missing Iraqis with light ink.. Autumn rain wet the yellow leaves falling to the ground, a depression, a sadness of fallen flowers swept through, patches of fallen leaves with rain beads like brother at the moment. When the Iraqis left, light tears overflowed her eyes like a torrent of levees breaking. It turned out that the elder brother who wanted to rove all over the world was also a sentimental person..

   Love inside may all have slight sadness. Senior Brother is willing to give up Jiangshan and the Jianghu where he is determined to go. He is willing to walk through Water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust's life with the woman in the world of mortals. Even if the prosperity finally runs out and the flowers fall off, leaving only sadness everywhere, he will sing a world of mortals play song.. He hopes that the woman can understand that he is willing to be a Soldier of Fortune, leaving his love in the autumn rain in inside and letting The Proprietor dye all the fallen flowers in the world.. (责任编辑:admin)




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