Some things can never be placed.

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   Seven days ago, I came back from school full of wind and rain..

   Seven days later, I suddenly lost all meaning and purpose of living.. Sometimes time is like this.. It makes you feel that you really exist, and it makes you feel that you have been dead for a long time.. Long enough to make you forget everything that was beating..

   I must pay for my continued existence.. That's true. Living sometimes requires constantly losing something, creating illusions, and proving that you still have consciousness..

   So I know why you are alive. What you want, what you get, makes you feel wonderful.. Because when all good things are destroyed, you will feel pain and even perish.. You long for it. This is the meaning and purpose of your existence..

   But now I don't want anything. Standing at a subtle angle, through the narrow gap of time, I watched lazily what I already had and could not see it flowing away..

   I look like a rich man. Standing by the river, he took out glistening silver from Dou inside and beat Shui Piao. Watching the silver sink to the bottom and disappear, my mouth was a dissolute smile and I enjoyed it..

   I don't know where I came from. In the face of the passage of time and the depression of the soul, three meals a day can still be continued with ease..

   It makes me feel like everything has no end.. It seems that the temperature of inside's wanton expansion this summer. This is the most frightening and powerless. It seems that you can only wait until all of this reaches a critical point, and then in a quiet moment, a heart-rending sound breaks out..

   "Bang! "

   Like this. Soul and time die together..


   Crazy is also a way to survive.. So madness also comes at a price..

   I don't have crazy capital now.. But I can imagine. Place yourself in a completely free and cost-free fantasy.. And resource sharing can be realized.

   One night in June 2015. Stars like water. The night wind blows gently..

   Yu, Wen and I were on the third floor of the boys' dormitory, leaning against the balcony, with a full face of Xia Feng proudly talking about their fantasy future.

   In fact, that night, the tone of the whole world should be sad for me.. Although there is no grief, but at least grief to cry.

   It just happened as the novel inside described.

   That night in Night self-learning, Yu said to me, "Go, I'll take you all the way back to bed.". I know the way. But I seldom go there. Few people go this way either.. There is only one fence away from the road. If you turn it over, you will see a vast expanse of sea and sky.. But as a good student, I dismissed the idea in the first place..

   There is near the edge of the school, 汇盛国际 so it is very quiet, only the neon lights on the road spread dark light.

  Yu said he enjoyed the quiet air and the vast night sky here.. I looked up. Well, a starry night is beautiful..

   Then I looked down at the front. In fact, I was thinking that I really shouldn't lower my head. Why do you lower your head when the night sky is so beautiful?? You should have kept your head up and kept this posture back to the dormitory.. Then you can wash and sleep. In the morning, the sun is shining and the song is loud and clear..

   But I bowed my head, I looked at the front, the figure of two white uniforms walking in front, and the dark night around. I clenched my fist unconsciously and my breathing began to get heavy..

   The girl walked shoulder to shoulder with the boy carrying the bag.. Walk very slowly. So Dark the Night, I still see clearly. What I see. My dearest little swallow walked along a lonely road side by side with other boys in the dead of night.. The pain of the heart.

   Nails pierced my palm.. I regret not cutting it off this morning.. Do you understand how painful it is. I really don't want to say much or take another look..

   Yu beside me did not speak, but awkward. Until we passed each other by.

   I said, if we hadn't parted a few days ago, believe me, I would have trodden that guy on the ground and made a few hard turns on his face..

   After returning to the dormitory, Yu asked me, are you all right.

   I smiled, ha ha, how could I have something wrong, good brother, I really thank you for taking me this way for the first time..

   Yu was embarrassed and said that if I knew I was dead, I wouldn't let you go this way..

   I really thank you for letting me know everything. I said.

   I gave the railing a heavy kick..

   Almost hysterically shouting, fuck you! Fuck your love!

   Yu said, you want to live better than her.

   I said, yes, I want to live better than her.

   But I really want to shed tears, really want to. I still smiled. (责任编辑:admin)




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