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   Mongolian people are accustomed to mutton from snacks, and will panic if they cannot eat mutton for several days.. Mongolian dancer Gaowa Siqin (many Mongolian women are called Gaowa Siqin, as common as Na Ren flowers) came to Beijing with her daughter. Her daughter is not used to Beijing food.. We invited her to eat at Jinyang restaurant. the little girl was not interested in braised sea cucumber, crisp fish, etc. I asked her what she wanted to eat, "lamb! "I called the waiter and asked them if they had mutton here, saying that only pickled mutton. "Maotai mutton is ok, salty not salty? ""not salty. "Serve, is a cross sheep Qian son. The little girl ate a plate of sheep with a white mouth.. Ask her: "Is it delicious or not?"? ""delicious! "Her mother said," This child! It's really Mongolian! When she arrived in Beijing for a few days, she said "delicious" for the first time.. "

   The Mongols are very hospitable. Some people ride on horseback and roam on the grassland without anything but a leg of lamb.. 2 years, seeing a Mongolian yurt, dismounted and lodged.. The owner took off his leg of lamb and immediately killed the sheep.. Having eaten and drunk enough, I stayed with my master's family in yurts in inside and merry and lively.. The next day the host saw off the guest and gave him a new leg of lamb.. The man walked a long circle on the grassland, and when he returned home, he still carried a leg of lamb, but he did not know how many times he had changed it..

   During the period when the Gang of Four was rampant, we were instructed by Jiang Qing to write a script and collect materials. We once visited Inner Mongolia.. I learned two Mongolian sentences in Inner Mongolia. Mongolian comrades said they would not be hungry if they could say these two words.. One sentence is "not up to one"-to eat; One sentence is "moha one"-want to eat meat. "Moha" refers to all meat in general and mutton in particular (there is a special drama in Yuan Dynasty in which Chinese and Mongolian dialect are mixed together to sing. One of them is "moha eats a whole kilo of mutton.". Sure enough, I traveled a lot from Iqzhaau to hulun buir grassland and ate handpicked meat many times..

   August and September are the most beautiful months in grassland.. After a summer of rain, the grass has grown well and the grassland is green.. Agger has grown well, and grey-backed green has grown well. Agger and grey-backed green are animals' favorite grasses.. The grass on the grassland looks like grass to us, but the herdsmen can name every kind of grass.. Grass inside has wild scallions and leeks (Mongolians say that their mutton is not tasty because sheep eat wild scallions and get rid of the smell themselves). Colorful flowers are blooming everywhere.. The sheep are all fattened up at this moment..

   Writers and cadres in Inner Mongolia love to go down to the grasslands at this time, to experience life and to do investigations, in order to "fatten up". In the yurt, drink milk tea first. The milk tea in Inner Mongolia is relatively simple to make and is not as troublesome as buttered tea in Tibet.. Just take a pan of water in an iron pan, grab a handful of tea leaves after the water is boiled, roll for a few times, add milk and put a handful of salt to get the final product.. I don't think there are too many characteristics, but I'm addicted to it (Mongolians cannot live without milk tea for a day.. Many people get up early and don't eat, drink two bowls of milk tea and go to watch sheep.. There is a table of chagaan yidee, cream, cream (thin), Quark (dairy product), moon cakes and walnut cake.. The guests were drinking milk tea, and a cauldron had been set up outside the yurt to sit on the water and kill the sheep.. The Mongols killed the sheep very quickly, not with a knife, but by cutting off the sheep's aorta.. The sheep died without struggling.. Immediately open the chamber and peel the skin. The tool is only a folding knife slightly larger than Paring knife's. After a while, the sheepskin was peeled off and carried to a little distance to bask in it.. Look at the scene where the sheep were killed. Not even a drop of blood was spilled. The grass was still clean..

  "Hand-held Meat" is mutton boiled in white water and cut into large pieces.. One hand "handle" with a large piece of meat, with a handle Mongolia Knife cut himself to eat. The Mongols are really good at cutting meat with knives.. When a piece of meat is finished, there is not even a shred of meat left on the bone.. If a child does not cut cleanly, his mother will say, "eat clean, don't be like that cadre."! "Cadres do not eat meat as carefully as herdsmen, and may not be able to use knives.. Herdsmen have a similar religious respect for milk and meat, just as Han peasants have for grain. It is a sin to spoil it.. In the past, the meat was not prepared with condiments. At most, a bowl of salt water was put in it and dipped in it.. Now there are also some seasonings, such as soy sauce and leek flower.. Because it is killed, cooked and eaten now, it is very tender and tender.. Of all the kinds of mutton I have eaten in my life, I think the handle is the first.. If I were asked to comment on it, I would not hesitate to say: incomparable! (责任编辑:admin)




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