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   In a short time, both of them were panting, and the body was not as tired as it had been then.. He took her cold purple rough hand, again and again, the heating, rubbing the back of his hand warm. She only felt that the warm breath penetrated through her wrinkled arms and passed through the nerves to the whole dry body. The withered body released Buddha and injected fresh strength into it. be limp and numb felt comfortable and could not stand the enjoyment..

   She just quietly looked at his familiar movements, looked at his white hair like Crystal, frozen red ears, a burst of tears can't help seeping out in the corner of my eye. She gently hugged his head and snuggled up in her arms, holding it all the time..

   Took the tea he reached over, give a soft smile. Take a sip of his hand and put it on the oilskin paper, continuing the sewing work in his hand.. From time to time, he held his finger in his mouth, fearing that he would hear the noise. He glanced at him and stole from him. When he saw that he had not noticed himself, he was secretly pleased. Then he carefully sucked the blood drop from the needle..

   Borrowing the sunshine from the window of According To Come Over to help Presbyopic glasses up, he could not find the eye of a needle, a thin thread, and could not get in all directions.. She moved closer to the window sill so that she could see more clearly, but no matter how hard she tried, the thread seemed to deliberately feel sorry for her and always missed the needle's eye..

   "Don't sew. "he said.

   "don't. "she replied.

   He knew that he could not argue with her. He grabbed the sewing needle, smoothed it with his tongue, and then tore at the thread around the thread-dropping head with only two old teeth. He narrowed his eyes and tried to make himself see better. However, there were always countless thread ends and needle eyes dangling in front of his eyes, and he could not help sighing.

  Two people smile at one another, don't have to say more, this life is enough.

   There's no need words right now.

   The world is singing "Hold your hand and grow old with you". However, when holding your hand, did you ever decide to really go to Baishou together, die and live, and not be in The Sands of Time together?.





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