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   A snowstorm hid the whole world under the crystal snow, silent and silent.. Four week, the mountain dance silver snake, wrapped in silver, just like a meticulous figure of Zhang Xiuli. Footprints that have been trampled on several places in the ground plane are dotted with some other colors..

   In the courtyard, the thick snow has been piled up under an old apricot tree in the middle. The old tree is as thick as a bucket. Its skin is uneven and wrinkled. It looks like crawling demolit for some years.. Branches crossed and linked and spread, reaching out to the roof. Snow on the branches had long been shaken off, leaving only bare branches scrambling to reach out to The Wall alone.. The yard was spotlessly cleaned, and the remnants of the snow were only wreaths of water stains struggling.. It may be because the yard has been smeared with cement, but even a little bit of snow can't stand it being killed mercilessly..

   The room was steaming hot in inside. A large iron stove was placed in front of the kang. The edge of the kang, printed with hot iron plates, was red, which warmed the whole edge of the kang. Oil-coated paper was spread on it to prevent dust, carbon foam and other sundries from soiling the kang list.. At the top of the stove, the green tea pot was steaming and beating incessantly, swaying from side to side, like a child intoxicated in his own joy, not know why it is so ran. A lot of tea overflowed from one side of the jar on the hot stove lid, and in an instant it rolled down the stove edge with a loud bang, circling round and round around the pattern, gradually turning into water vapor and disappearing away..

   The old man sat on the kang with his legs coiled, smoking a pot of old tobacco(smoked in a long-stemmed Chinese pipe). The smoke filled the air and hovered between the slightly yellowed white hairs on his temples. Waves of dispersion and winding up again and again made such a cycle..

   Along the kang, the old man knocked off the ash from the inside in the smoking pot, put it on the oilskin paper, looked at the tea pot, saw that the tea had been cooked, grabbed the handle of the pot with a piece of cigarette paper, poured some into the cup next to it, poured some into his cup, and turned to the old woman behind the kang with the cup next to him..

   The old woman was holding a fur coat, which seemed to belong to the 汇盛国际 old man.. With the needle in one hand and the line in the other. Dry wrinkled skin is no longer the elegant demeanour of that year, a pair of Presbyopic glasses under the full head of white wool, crumbling.

   The old woman often sighs, this person, as soon as he gets older, likes this strong tea, this tea, drinking, spirit.

   I can't remember how many years they have been together.. At the beginning, their sons and daughters said they would take them to live in the city for a few days and enjoy good fortune, but their old couple just refused to go with their stubborn temper and had to stay here.. Neighbors outside the village of inside laughed. The small foreign buildings in the city are still not as comfortable as those in Adobe house.. Only the two of them knew in their hearts that they had lived here all their lives and had left to get used to it..

   This is not a few days ago son called to say to see them, she gave him a tantrum, this how again. For her small fights, for decades, he just scratched her nose and stroked her cheek, coaxing her to be happy like a child.. He hasn't said a decent love word to her in his whole life, but she is not happy and will only stand by and let her pour all her grievances on herself.. She sometimes wondered whether she was the one who married such a Woodenhead as soon as her forehead became hot.. But every time I think about it, her heart secretly secretly secretly pleased, glad to marry him is himself, glad that such a small fight over a lifetime.

   My son and daughter are very puzzled. These people are in their seventies and eighties. They have to do something to be afraid of being caught.?

   It's cold, so big yard, it's really not easy to sweep snow. The two old men picked up brooms and shovels early in the morning and piled up snow in this bumper year.. Although already put on thick cotton-padded clothes, but still can't match the bitter cold. He looked at her livid, red face, distressed, several times told her to go back to the house to warm, she must be angry with him, took the broom and snow. He has done a lot of things in his life, big and small. When he was young, when he was the director of the engineering team, even if the house collapsed, he had to bear it. Was he ever afraid of it?. Only she let him palpitations, she angry, he was at a loss, the brain is like a string of chaos, it doesn't work. She knew that she was unreasonable, imperious and despotic, unscrupulous in front of him, but always depended on him to play the woman for seven days, but he worked hard and tolerated all of her without saying a word.. (Good reader (责任编辑:admin)




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